Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

The owner and admins of this blog do not track visitors.  We do not track IPs or any other information on visitors.  We do not keep logs of anything.  In short, we do not care who is visiting this site or why.

 Blogger is a Google product.  Google keeps some records of some sort, such as the number of page hits and the nation of origin of those hits.  Read Google's information about that to be accurately informed.  We do not subscribe to Analytics and we do not care who visits or why.  We have not installed any trackers or tracers of any kind.  

 For added privacy, we do not allow the posting of any ads.  Your own computer or browser may keep track of what you visit.  As for this blog and its owners, we respect privacy and appreciate whoever does come here to read. Thanks.  

If a subpoena were ever issued to Google for any information, this blog's owners would most likely not have standing to challenge the subpoena.  As for a subpoena to this blog's owners, we keep track of nothing.  

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