How to Spot Someone About to Become a Face-Eating Killer

How to Spot Someone About to Become a Face-Eating Killer
by Susan Basko, esq.

Austin Harrouff, a Florida frat boy, allegedly stormed out of a diner where he said the service was too slow and went and stabbed a nearby couple to death and started to eat the man.   It wasn't just the slow service that caused this "exercise science" major to become a cannibal.  Some say he was on flakka, also known as gravel, a nasty suburban street drug that is a combination of household poisons that no one with any sense would ever ingest.

Note: Austin Harrouff's parents seem like really nice people.  They are sad, filled with sorrow for their son's actions, in shock over what happened.  May these parents find some peace and some answers.

The big question is what makes someone so crazy?  To explore possible answers, here is a curated look at the Youtube videos of Austi Frosti, when he was a soon-to-be face-eating madman killer.

Here's Austi Frosti in a freestyle rap that includes words about stabbing someone, sticking his teeth in and eating, and lots of other weird violent imagery. This video portends what was to come.

In V-Log Boat Day, Austi Frosti perfectly mixes audio that sounds the way it would sound if one were hearing voices.  He shows a gun and a knife in an ominous way:

This video below shows a hopped up Austi Frosti explaining how to cause ketosis by eating few carbs. A kooky diet often leads to trouble.

Below is Austi Frosti explaining why he does not do steroids, with references that sound like he most certainly has recently done steroids.  The video of Austin talking to the camera while in his car is reminiscent of spree killer Elliot Rodger:

Here's more Austi Frosti, the exercise science major, trying to convince himself he does not need steroids:

Here's Austi Frosti wearing a mask and singing a cover of "Let it Be," with a freestyle rap interlude.  Frat boy drunken antics or cause for concern?

"You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog," a quite decent rendition of this Elvis Presley hit tune, performed by what appears to be a drugged up Austi Frosti:

ANALYSIS: Possible drugs, alcohol, steroids, weird diet, violent imagery, access to a gun and a knife, and obsessive creation of creepy videos - all these factors look like a young person racing into trouble.

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