Ntrepid Abraxas 4S: What is it?

Ntrepid Abraxas 4S: What is it?
by Susan Basko, esq.

Ntrepid Abraxas 4S is a top-secret collaborative product of Ntrepid, Abraxas, Trapwire, and CIA Operatives.  Richard Hollis Helms initiated the task group, which was led by Lance Cottrell.  The design was honed over 6 years, with input from CIA Operatives who had worked on missions as far-ranging as the Middle East, Southwest Asia, the Balkans, and Oklahoma.

The 4S stands for "Slimstick Secret Spy Stylo."  The basic 4S is shown below:
Ntrepid Abraxas TrapWire 4S

The 4S Endtool is shown, with the description that it can be used for "data capture, lock-picking, or stabbing weapon." Such versatility must be why it took the team 6 years to design the 4S and why it costs an astronomical price.  

 More bragging.

This lists the key option, the Data Deletion End Tool, followed by a photo of it:

4S Data Deletion Endtool.

Then, there is the patented NtrepidNote Graphic User Interface designed by the team especially for use with the 4S:

NtrepidNote for Ntrepid Abraxas 4S
The advertising slogan is geared to appeal to clandestine operatives working on secret missions worldwide:


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