Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims

Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims
Death threats, cyberstalking, and a meth ring
By Susan B, Esq.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is an abusive website that is run and used by sociopaths to harm their victims.  The users and admins of the site are abusive people who choose victims, it seems almost randomly, and  post lies, attacks, malicious hate, invasions of privacy, etc. against the victims, onto the Encyclopedia Dramatica website.  Encyclopedia Dramatica seems to choose good, successful people as its victims and tries to drag them down to the level of the abusive pathetic users of the website.  The website looks sort of like Wikipedia, so viewers might mistake it as being official in some way, rather than being the malicious revenge hate site that it is.  The users of Encyclopedia Dramatica use the site to punish, defame, denigrate, stalk, coerce, force, extort, get revenge, harm the reputations of, harm the businesses of, and endanger the lives of the victims and their families and friends.  

Encyclopedia Dramatica is an obscene website, containing shocking obscenity.  In addition, the site posts compromising photos of the victims, if any are available.  Encyclopedia Dramatica posts stolen photos violating copyright, and refuses to remove them.  The site is a place of extreme hate, mountains of lies, shocking obscenity, depravity, disrespect. The site has an overall feeling of being run by sick perverts for sick perverts.

The Encyclopedia Dramatica website is run in a wholly abusive and irresponsible way.  Victims of the site who wish to complain are steered toward a page that contains shocking obscenity, as well as a bold statement claiming that the site is beyond the reach of the law.  In short, the Encyclopedia Dramatica site is an abusive, extortionate site that allows and encourages its sociopathic admins and users to use the site to harm innocent victims.   This seems to be done under the guise of being "parody."  Defamation is not parody.  Posting peoples' names and photos on an obscene site is not parody; it is  a crime.  Posting lies to harm others is not parody.  Using a website to harm the reputations and businesses of innocent victims is not parody.  Cyberstalking is not parody.  Interfering with peoples' businesses and reputations is not parody.  Invasions of privacy are not parody. Threatening to kill one's victims is not parody.   The Encyclopedia Dramatica site is chockful or crimes and civil abuses, or torts.

The sociopaths running Encyclopedia Dramatica call it "lulz."  These same people are seen all over the internet committing malicious acts against others.  Notably, the abusers of Encyclopedia Dramatica tend to use screen names, so their real identities are shielded from their victims, as well as from the decent public.  If what they are doing is legal and acceptable, why don't they attach their real names to it?

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a case where a few sociopaths created a website for their own sick purposes, and gathered other like-minded sick people to participate in choosing and harming victims.

About 16 months ago, I began being severely stalked by a racist hate group called Rustle League.  I began to look for other victims of the people who were stalking me.   Members of Rustle League are intertwined with Encyclopedia Dramatica, as well as with Doxbin, a site that gathers and posts personal identifying information of its victims to make them subject to crimes of all sorts, including identity theft for fraud or terrorism purposes.

I have had the opportunity of speaking with a good number of victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Keep in mind, there are hundreds or thousands of victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.   Without revealing their names, I will tell you about 5 of them, including myself, as I, too, am a victim of this malicious website and its sociopathic admins and users:

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 1: Victim 1 is a woman who had a successful online radio show.  She began being stalked by a man and a woman.  The same man was stalking me, too, which is how I came to locate Victim 1.  Victim 1's radio show had drawn quite a following.  The show was something like a radio Oprah Winfrey show - a friendly woman putting on a clean, decent show.  The man and others stalking Victim 1 created hundreds of defamatory youtube videos using Victim 1's name and video footage. They created dozens of defamatory impersonation Twitter accounts using Victim 1's name and photo.  They posted a page "about" her  on Encyclopedia Dramatica. The page lied about Victim 1, mocked her, ridiculed her and her radio show. The page said she was a drug abuser who had lost custody of her children. These things were malicious lies.   The stalking was nonstop and extremely vicious.  The woman lost the sponsors who had offered to fund her show.  She and her husband were forced to move to try to escape some of the attacks.  They became extremely cautious and wary of phone calls and emails, terrified that they had been located by the attackers.  The man who was stalking her now has his own radio show as part of a racist hate stalking group.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 2: Victim 2 was a sex worker, who is trying to move on with her life.  One of the sociopathic users of Encyclopedia Dramatica posted nude photos of her on the site.  The site also posted her personal identifying information and that of her family.  The site also posted extremely malicious, vicious attacks against her.  The woman feels, rightly so, that she will not be able to get a job or have a real relationship until the page attacking her on Encyclopedia Dramatica is removed.  She dreams that one day, the malicious invasions of her privacy will be removed off Encyclopedia Dramatica, so she can live a full and happy life.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 3: Victim 3 is a computer expert.  His page on Encyclopedia Dramatica mocks his skills, trying to make him sound incompetent.  His personal information has been revealed. He has been swatted 4 times. Swatting is when a person files a false police report of a crime in progress.  Many swatters call police and claim to be holding hostages at the home they are luring the police to swat.  Police make an emergency tactical response, perhaps send a SWAT squad (Special Weapons and Tactics).  The swatting victim and all others present have their lives endangered. Aside from the extreme dangers caused by swatting, each swatting incident is said to cost a police unit $100,000.  Victim 3 has been swatted 4 times.  He has had to move.  He believes that the intention of the swatters is that he will be killed by police gunfire.  With the stalkers from Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin always on his tail, his life is likely to be in danger for many years to come.

Encyclopedia Dramatic Victim 4: Victim 4 was also a victim of Jaime Cochran and the Rustle League. Cochran harassed the man, posting calling him "Aspie," implying he was mentally incompetent, etc. In fact, the man is highly intelligent and very friendly.  He has a hearing disability.  His Encyclopedia Dramatica page mocked his skills and denigrated him and revealed his personal information.  Victim 4 was swatted at his home that he shares with his family.  Young children were held at gunpoint by police.  Police and Secret Service searched the house for many hours.  The man and his entire family had their lives placed in extreme peril, and the man was placed in extreme legal danger.  The whole family is still endangered by Encycylopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 5: This is me.  I am a lawyer who has given pro bono help to a number of people who have disabilities.   After helping one particular man, I have been severely stalked for 16+ months by a man using the name Travis Gosselin, as well as by many members and associates of the Rustle League racist hate group, including Jaime Cochran/ Asshurtmacfags, @5hm00p (Shmoop), Dillon Crawford/ forsaken, @Meepkittyfuck,  Rachael Perrotta / @plussone,  and many others.   I have thousands of pieces of evidence of this incessant and hateful stalking.

I have NO IDEA why this group felt it was a proper response to harass and stalk a lawyer for helping a disabled man who needed help. I assume they are morally repugnant degenerates and I have seen nothing to dispute this.

When the stalking began, I was told to be quiet, to pretend it wasn't happening. I was told that if I complained, I would be attacked worse.  I was told that the stalkers are vicious, that their attacks have no bounds. I found this to be true, that these attackers know no limits.  I found that many internet users hate these attackers, but are terrified to speak up. I have spoken up and will continue to do so.

  I personally was threatened by a person named Jaime Cochran/ Asshurtmacfags, a member of Rustle League, who I do not know and with whom I have never had any dealings, other than being stalked and attacked.  The attacks by Cochran and the Rustle League began after I assisted a man who was arrested and mentally ill.  I was told that I was being attacked because I was "Jewish" and because I was helping a "crazy man." These attacks have gone on for 16+ months.

Cochran tells in a youtube television interview of enjoying stalking and harming online victims, thinking this is a fun activity.  Cochran and a man who uses the Twitter handle @Jordstar began stalking me, saying they would write "about" me on Encyclopedia Dramatica.  These taunts were not in response to anything, as I have never had any dealings with either of these people. I sought out an email address  for "Jordstar"and emailed him, asking why he was posting threats about me with Jaime Cochran.  He claimed to be not so involved, but did not delete his taunts or post an apology for his assaults against my dignity and safety.  Apparently, attacking a helpful lawyer for no reason was his idea of fun, too, just as it is for Cochran.  (Please note: I found @Jordstar's real name, business name and address in Canada, but did I post this? No, because I am a normal person, not an abusive stalker.)

Months later, I got threats and extortion regarding having defamation about me placed onto Encyclopedia Dramatica from people using the names "Nachash," who says s/he runs the crime site called Doxbin, and another one who also claims to run Doxbin and calls himself or herself "Intangir," as well as taunts from a woman who uses the twitter accounts @Anoccam and @Tawnie.  These threats were later followed up by someone using the name Chris Jones, who says he is an Admin for Encyclopedia Dramatica.  He says his Admin name is likeicare.

The person using the name Intangir sent me a detailed written death threat, in which s/he said s/he will break into my home,  put a cloth covered in formaldehyde over my face while I am sleeping, shoot me in the head, and dispose of my body in a very specific way, which s/he wrote out in detail.  This, from the friendly people of Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin.

The person using the name Chris Jones, aka likeicare, Admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica, also sent me a written death and rape threat.  He also claims to be stalking my "family members." He says he is not afraid to take this to "IRL level shit," and tells me to "enjoy being raided," implying that he plans to swat me, that is, file a false emergency complaint to the police.  Again, these are the friendly people of Encyclopedia Dramatica, just saying hello to one of their victims.

They also posted defamation on complaint sites, claiming to be my clients, and then had  extortion demands sent to me demanding large sums of money.

These people created pages on Encyclopedia Dramatica dedicated to harassing me. Their point is to terrorize, defame, denigrate, lie, harm my business, harm my reputation, invade my privacy, and on.  There is no pretense of this being anything but criminal cyberstalking.   WHY would they be posting anything at all about me?  Just simply - they are criminal cyberstalkers.

Keep in mind, I do not know any of these people and would never in a million years socialize or do business with such people.   I only socialize and do business with good people of upstanding character.      

One of the Encyclopedia Dramatica admins who uses the name @Gwennyrah, in a grandiose bullying maneuver,  posted tweets claiming I should be "disbarred." He or she tweeted telling people to file bar complaints against me. This is so ironic as to be pathetically laughable.  I should be disbarred for being the victim of sociopaths running a malicious website and for letting the public know about these crimes against me?  I am a lawyer. I have a sworn oath to uphold the law.  Egregious crimes are being committed against me and against thousands of others who are victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  I have an ethical and moral duty to stand up to these nefarious wrongdoers.  Moreso, as a victim of Encyclopedia Dramatica myself, I have a right to let others know, to shout out and warn others of the dangerous and bad people online.

I have also told Brian Zaiger to remove all mention of me from the site. Brian Zaiger claims to be World Admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica, as well as a member of the racist hate group Rustle League, and also of GNAA (Gay Niggers Association of America), a group of white men who think ridiculing people of color is funny. Rather than remove all mention of my name from Encyclopedia Dramatica,  Brian Zaiger posted mocking and taunting tweets. This is a man with utterly no respect for other people.

 METH RING?  One admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica has contacted me many times, to tell me that the site runs a meth (methamphetamine) ring, the proceeds of which are used to support the activities of the site which he says are anti-Jewish acts and the brainwashing of young people.  That sounds about right, and is what is clearly the "social goal" of the Rustle League, which is intertwined and shares some of the same people.  The ED Admin claims to be addicted to meth, which he says he enjoys, but is also concerned about the drug ring.   This Encyclopedia Dramatica admin asked me to report this drug ring to the FBI, which I did.  

SERIOUS QUESTION: Do any of these stalkers want to quit? Do they want to apologize to me?  Do they want to remove the crap they have posted?   


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