Barrett Brown Charged with Posting a Link

Barrett Brown Charged with Posting a Link
by Susan Basko, esq.

Update: March 2014: The U.S. prosecutor filed a Motion to Dismiss the linking charges. You can read which charges were dropped HERE.

Barrett Brown has been charged with allegedly posting a link to some stuff that was allegedly hacked off the Sratfor website by someone else.  The items that were hacked incidentally included credit card information.  As I understand it, the hack was to get information about the private spy company, not to steal any money or identification.

Making the indictment even more absurd, the charges are stretched to twelve, all for posting the same link.  This is beyond bizarre.  This tends to show the Feds knew there was no case against Barrett in his earlier charges and want to scheme up something. But what they schemed up is inane.   Aiding and abetting by posting a link?   That link was already posted  other places.

This is (choose however many fit):  Orwellian. Kafkaesque. Dangerous to the US Constitution.

Please keep in mind that Barrett Brown is a journalist and writer, he is not a hacker or credit card thief.  He was collecting and linking information for research and writing purposes.    From my own viewpoint, I do massive amounts of advance research and information gathering for my writing, and I have never looked at  the whole document I am downloading and rarely, if ever, have read the whole thing I am linking.  If such a burden were actually placed upon writers and researchers, it would be such a great burden upon the First Amendment freedom of the press.

Many files are gigantic;  one could not possibly even scan all the material before downloading or linking.  And sections would not be labeled: "Attention: These are credit card numbers." The journalist or researcher would not even know what they are.

SORRY, the files are not in place at this time. 


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