Mothers of Adult Sons on Facebook: helpful hints

Mothers of Adult Sons on Facebook: helpful hints
by Sue Basko

 Okay, so...  If your son is on Facebook and he lets you be his "Friend," it is very important not to overwhelm him with your mom-ness.

Hints on How to be a good mom of an adult son on Facebook:

1) Don't click "like" on anything he posts.  He hates this, because it's his mom liking it.  If you like something, send him an email saying you enjoyed it.  Update: Okay, maybe you can "like" it, but only if other people like it first.

2) Don't click "like" on any of his photos. This is especially true on pictures of his girlfriends (or boyfriends).  Don't "like" anyone or anything.  Look, enjoy, but don't click "like."  Moms don't get to like.

3) Don't post comments on his page.  He will feel like everyone is looking to see what you are saying.

4) Don't post memes or cute pictures on his page.

5) Don't post pictures on his page saying how much you love him/ all your children.  This is a total disaster and is sure to get you blocked instantly.

6) On your own page, do not post those stupid canned things about "If you read my posts, do this.. blah blah blah."  Those things sound desperate, pathetic and pleading for any morsel of attention.  Is that how you want your son to see you?

7) Don't post inviting your son to anything, especially any holidays or family gatherings.  Email is for that.

8) Don't post on your page or on his asking him such things as: Where he is.   Was he out drinking.  Who is that person he is with.  Is that a bong in the photo.   Did he pass a test.   Did he take the acne medicine you sent him.   Does he know his cousin just graduated from Harvard medical school.  Don't ask him anything or carry on any conversations with him on Facebook.   Use email or a phone for that. Or this other thing -- it is called "in person." It is when two people are physically in the same location at the same time and they talk to each other without using any electronic devices.  Weird, I know, but it happens.

And sons:   Be nice to your mom on Facebook.  Don't post about how she does not love you, how she was a terrible mother, how much she hurt you, etc.  That's what family holidays are for.

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