BitVote Intro

BitVote Intro
by Susan Basko, Esq. 

BitVote is a new voting method and program invented by Aaron Bale and in development by some of the finest minds today.  BitVote is an online voting system that promotes Distributed Democracy.   Distributed Democracy harkens back to the days of direct democracy, which is decision making done by the people without representatives.  In smaller organizations, this works.  As a political unit becomes bigger, direct democracy has often been replaced by having elected representatives who then make it their daily work to know about the issues, attend meetings, and vote on the issues and laws.  In the U.S., many people have found that representative democracy results in government that pleases no one and that spends too much money and confers little or no societal benefit on the average person.  The widespread availability of the internet may make direct democracy possible once again. The townhall meetings of yore can take place on the internet, with those interested in a particular topic in attendance, though separated by thousands of miles.

BitVote works by giving a voter one voting unit per each minute of life the person lives after registering as a voter.  That means each voter gets 1,440 votes per day.  The votes are like currency, to be spent on whatever amounts on whichever topics are of interest to that voter.  A voter may save up votes to make a big impact on an issue of great interest to that voter. BitVote is a way of giving value to a person's time and enthusiasm, rather than to one's money.   BitVote makes issues less dichotomal by allowing voters, for example, to allocate 100 votes to one solution and 200 votes to another solution.

The BitVote system is envisaged to be fluid in function.  If the people vote for the system to work in a certain way, and allocate money for this, then the system can be designed to reflect that functionality.  The votes have the meaning assigned by the voters.  For example, voters decide the process on how a certain solution or initiative will be funded or staffed.

BitVote is built on Ethereum, an open platform that works in units called contracts.  The contracts can speak to each other.  Vitalik Buterin  is the founder, owner and lead developer of Ethereum. He is a winner of Theil Award that encourages computer program development.  Ethereum recently issued its own currency or esoteric collateral, called Ether.  Ether and BitVote are but two applications suited to the Ethereum platform.  Over time, Ethereum and its uses will develop.

Aaron Bale came up with the idea for BitVote based on his own life experiences.  Leah Pearl, who is a nursing school graduate, is the BitVote Communications Director.

I personally have been a sounding board for Aaron's ideas and a legal assist. I went from thinking that a voting system where each person gets 525,600 votes per year as a preposterous mess, to thinking of these votes as neat currency in a voting wallet, to be spent to create a better world.  I like the idea that life is valued, and that each person's contribution is valued. - Vote with your Life.

What is BitVote?

BitVote is a universal voting ecosystem for the Internet era. For every minute of your lifetime, you'll automatically earn a "voting minute" that can be cast on any cause of your choice. Voting results are globally available in a transparent and decentralized legend, robustly resistant to manipulation or censorship and fully compatible with any preexisting social network or political system.

Why BitVote?

Remember how you felt when you first discovered the Internet? Remember how empowering and hope inspiring it used to be when we were growing up? How sharply does that contrast with the concerns people have now? Where's the Internet is going to be in five or ten years? Neutrality. Surveillance. Censorship. What if future generations don't have that same type of feeling we have? What if instead of inspiring and empowering them, the internet terrifies and debilitates them? I created BitVote on the hopes hope that we will be able to tip the scales back in our favor and give us a chance to systematically fix whatever it is that is causing this change.

Who is BitVote?

Aaron Bale (@arkbg1) founded BitVote in 2012 during the SOPA Blackout, with support and inspiration from Aaron Swartz (@aaronsw),  Sven Swootleg (@joepie91) and Leah Chase (@leahxpearl). In 2014, BitVote began collaborating with Jasper den Ouden (@o-jasper), Stephan Tual (@stephantual), Joris (@mids106), Ethan Buchman (@ebuchman) and Vlad Zamfir (@vladzamfir) of Ethereum. The project has been developing for over two years through the teamwork of a network of programers, activists, lawyers, advocates, politicians, artists and normal citizens around the world. All the developers have one thing in common: a desire to have the voice of the people heard and heeded.

Real Life Stories

Lettuce entertain you. 
Real Life Stories 
by Susan Basko, Esq.

Real life stories are popular for movies and books.  This article is about real life stories based on living people.  For such a story to be marketable, the person usually has to have some newsworthy thing happening in their life and some name presence in the media.  The catch to this is that if a person is appearing in the news for a certain topic, then anyone can write a book or screenplay based on what is in the news.  Many real life movies are based on long magazine style news articles.  One cannot base a book or movie on someone else's magazine article without their permission, because that violates their copyright.  The same goes with a book: to make a movie of it, you need permission from the author.

When a book or movie is made based on one person's life story, that person's permission may not be needed if the person is in the news. However, such a story cannot delve into topics that are not in the news, as that is a violation of privacy rights.  Therefore, many movie and book stories are written with the participation of the subject.  And they are often based on a lengthy, well-researched article.  Such articles are copyright protected and if someone other than the authors were to create a screenplay based on a magazine style article, they would be sued for copyright infringement for creating a derivative work.

How does the subject of the book or movie make money?  There are several ways.  On a book the subject can be a co-author or advisor.  On a movie based on an article, the subject can act as a consultant on the movie. However, to get such a contract, the subject has to really exert effort.  Since no movie wants bad publicity, and since making a move for millions of dollars while the subject is not being paid, is bad publicity.   If the subject of the movie has special knowledge that will make the movie more realistic, it is easier to get a consulting position.  However, a film director usually does not want the subject present on the film set and does not want to give the subject any creative control.

A big consideration in real life stories are the other people in the story.  Most times, those people are fictionalized, with their names and details changed.  Often several real life characters will be combined into one.  However, if there is a real life person who is identifiable as a character in the movie or book, it is usually best to get their permission and approval of the way they are portrayed.  Failure to do so on a private person (not a public figure) will almost surely result in a lawsuit.

Companies often want to acquire optional rights to create any form of media, in case the story has legs. That might include the optional right to create a book, a movie, a TV show, and to license merchandise of any form.

Other times, only movie rights will be acquired.  This often happens by taking an option on a well-researched, lengthy news magazine article.  An option is the right to purchase the story for a set amount of time for set amount of money.  For example, an option might cost $5000 and give the right to buy the story for $100,000 any time in the next six months. That is just an example.

Film companies option far more stories than they will ever make into movies. Some companies might buy an option to keep that story away from the competition, with no intention of making a movie. This is why it is a good idea to bargain for a high option price for a short period of time. This separates those who are seriously interested in making a movie versus those who are looking to stockpile options.

When getting an initial option, the writer(s) and subject should be represented by their own lawyers There are so many considerations, including price on option, price on story, obligations, creative control, ability to approve or disapprove of a character portrayal, consulting, credits, perks.  And so much more.   If the subject is involved in creating the story or getting the option, they should look to protect not only their own image, but those of their family and friends. Respecting the dignity and privacy rights of other real life people named in the story is of utmost importance. Generally, a waiver and permission should be signed by each such person, if they will give it.  This usually must be purchased from each person.  Either that, or the characters must be deeply fictionalized so they are not recognizable, and their names changed.  That does not work with characters who are family members of the main real life character.  For those, portrayals must be done carefully and with great respect and a waiver must be gotten.  Otherwise, the story must be adjusted.

 People love real life stories.  The object is to tell a good story without harming anyone.  All sorts of considerations belong in the option. Those considerations will transfer over to the purchase contract.  If you are the writer or the subject, you cannot option and then wait till the contract or till the movie is in production to start making demands for creative control.  What you need must be spelled out from the get go.  Do  not try to do this without a knowledgeable lawyer.

Some people ask if a writer or subject will be given a percentage of "piece of the picture."  A writer who is sought after may have leverage to bargain for this. Most other writers do not.  The subject of a movie is rarely in a position to ask for a percentage.  In most cases, if the story has been in the news, anyone can make a movie about it.  The subject will be bargaining hard to be paid to consult and for other protections and perks.

Predatory Websites

The Infamatorious Nachash of Doxbin
 Predatory Websites
by Susan Basko, Esq.

see also: Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin: what are they?
see also: Racketeering and Websites

Most predatory websites take advantage of  47 U.S. Code § 230, which immunizes an ISP from tort liability for statements of its users.  What the makers of this law obviously did not foresee was that predatory entrepreneurs would set up websites that invited and encouraged users to post horrific defamation of others, and also would shield the identities of those users.  This glitch in the law does not apply to federal criminal law or to intellectual property laws, such as copyright or trademark.  Therefore, the owners or admins of a  predatory website might still be held criminally liable for running a site that contains child pornography, obscenity, cyberstalking, cyber harassment, doxing, and other illegal cyber stuff.   Note: The people posting such materials can always be held responsible for tort or criminal liability, if (and it's a big if) they can be located.

47 U.S. Code § 230 was written in the early days of the internet, with the idea of ISPs and website owners being basically good people who might be set upon by wrongdoers posting inappropriate things on their sites.  In fact, this loophole in the law was noted by the most malicious of the entrepreneurial  predators, who created websites that earn a steady living in advertising revenue and "reverse extortion" payments by encouraging deranged members of the public to post horrifying defamation, invasions or privacy, pornography and obscenity, and other such attacks on innocent third parties. 47 U.S. Code § 230 was dubbed the Good Samaritan clause.  Now it can rightly be called the Predators Loophole.  There are many predatory websites. Below are a few examples.


 Encyclopedia Dramatica: This is a predatory website run by people in their 40s and 50s who imagine themselves to be above the law. They lack in human decency and common respect. They are known to be racist and misogynistic. The owners of the site have it set up to draw in the most mentally deranged, deeply socially sick internet users that crop up with each new generation.  Those sick people are encouraged to use the site to post pages about innocent victims, with the aim being to harm the victims' reputations, their businesses or job, and their families or relationships.  See: Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims

The Encyclopedia Dramatica owners, admins, and users victimize these innocent people with outlandish lies and defamation which is made to look real.  The site does not contact the victims or fact check, and is simply a collection of the most injurious lies imaginable.  Photos of the innocent people are photoshopped to create obscenity.  See: Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims

These defamation tactics are used against the victims to harm them in many ways, including coercing some into internet crime, punishing others for refusing to participate in internet crime, forcing the victims into doing things they would not otherwise do, silencing the victims about crimes they have witnessed, shaming, humiliating, destroying their reputations and businesses, and harming their families and relationships. 

Encyclopedia Dramatica is the henchman, the enforcer used by many internet predators to coerce, force, harm, and damage those who might stand in their way.  The site is like the gang members on the street corner, there to stomp on the rights of the law-abiding and those who just want to be left alone.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a crime website of major proportions that masquerades as "parody," except that parody does not include obscenity, cyberstalking, defamation, invasions of privacy, and other crimes and torts.  People known to be involved with Encyclopedia Dramatica include Brian Zaiger of Boston, Chris Jones, Jaime Cochran of Chicago, @Gwennyrah, and Tawnie Knight aka @Anoccam, of Arizona.  I have been told by an ED admin that the site admins run a meth ring that they use to support their activities.  The whole victimizing operation of Encyclopedia Dramatica seems criminal, and you can read about that HERE and read about 5 of its victims HERE

Cheaterville: This website is owned by Via View, a Nevada LLC owned by James McGibney. Via View is also registered as a Delaware corporation.  Cheaterville is what is known as a "revenge porn" site.  The site encourages people in the public to get revenge, mostly against young women, by posting compromising photos of them and posting horrific sexual statements about them.  The purpose, obviously, is to destroy the lives of these girls and women.  Cheaterville works hand in hand with a company called Truth in Posting, or TIP, of Henderson, Nevada.  The website's victims are supposed to pay hundreds of dollars to TIP to get the revenge porn removed.  I have coined a term for this: "reverse extortion."  Feel free to use that term: reverse extortion.  At this time, McGibney and Cheaterville are engaged in filing lawsuits, restraining orders, and subpoenas against a hodgepodge of individuals who have objected online to the Via View revenge porn business.   The Via View twitter handle is @Bullyville, which is apt, since bullying is what it  does.   You can read a legal analysis HERE.

RipOffReports: This site works just like Cheaterville, but instead of posting revenge porn, this site allows anyone to post any lies about any business or professional. It works on the same economic model as the revenge porn sites.  After a posting is made, the victim is sent numerous reverse extortion letters, offering to lessen the harm for hundreds of dollars.  A legal analysis is HERE.

Doxbin:  Doxbin is the king of predatory websites. It is above ground and also on tor.  Doxbin is used by the same psychos that post on Encyclopedia Dramatica, as well as by others. The site works by allowing anyone to post invasive information or materials on others, such as name, address, social security number, bank info, accounts, and on and on.  The object is to make the victims vulnerable to crime, as well as to "aid and abet" the commission of such crimes as identity theft, robbery, rape, home invasion, and assassination.  And - the whole thing is criminal, top to bottom.  You can read about that in a legal analysis HERE , in a closer look HERE.




How Cointelpro Works

How Cointelpro Works
by Susan Basko, Esq.

The other day, a true troll lawyer who is suing "half the people on the internet" posted a link to a cointelpro-created blog article that is supposed to cause people to think ill of me. The article, which is several years old, is a classic example of cointelpro.  In this age of the internet, cointelpro smear pieces have lasting power.  

 The cointelpro smear piece against me emanates from early Occupy Los Angeles and keeps being revived by the cointelpro agents and their dupes. Before the OccupyLA camp started, there were planning meet-ups. Some of my family and friends were involved, and I gave some legal advice, such as to get porta-potties and that it is legal to sleep at night on the sidewalks in Los Angeles. After the OccupyLA camp got situated in the park by City Hall, it soon was infiltrated by paid agents.  Some of those agents formed a group that was supposedly more radical. This is a common technique to draw in the fringe elements and often, to entrap them. That supposed radical group was engaging in hardcore smear campaigns against many of the people who were doing the most positive work in running the camp, the media, and the finances.  I was quietly advising many of the people who were being smeared by this supposed radical group.  The supposed radical group had (and still has) a tumblr that is used to attack others, in typical cointelpro fashion.

Now watch how cointelpro works: One day, I was doing some trademark work and I noticed that 2 different people had applied for trademarks on the OccupyLA name.   One was an application by a person who was trying to "own" the OccupyLA name for himself as an organization and the other was trying to own the name for commercial products.   I thought it was important for the OccupyLA group to retain its own name and trademarks and not allow ownership of the name to be usurped by individuals looking to make a profit.

I emailed my findings about the trademark applications  to the editor of the OccupyLA website, for which I wrote many articles.  The editor asked me to put it in writing what could be done about the trademark applications and to list how much it would cost to deal with it.  I wrote him a simple explanation of the range of possibilities:  I could keep an eye on the situation and wait and see if the two trademark applications that were pending made any progress and report back to him as any changes took place, and this would cost nothing.  I could mount challenges to the two trademark applications by writing and filing letters and this would cost whatever the fee was for that, with my time donated.  The most aggressive tact would be to challenge the pending applications as well as to file trademark applications for the main real OccupyLA group, in the same categories that were in the pending applications.  The government filing fee on each category is $300.  So while I was willing to donate a good chunk of my time, this aggressive proposal would still cost a few thousand dollars.  Depending on the available budget, the group could choose the wait-and-see approach, the aggressive approach, or somewhere in between.

The editor of the OccupyLA site forwarded my emailed report to a few people, among them at least one of the cointelpro agents in the supposed radical group.  Soon, this person was creating a fantasy that I was greedy, that I was hoping to be paid "big money" that increased with each time he wrote the smear story.  First it was $1000, then $3000, then $10,000.  And the smears became outlandish.

When one is dealing with cointelpro agents, there is no dealing.  If you tell cointelpro agents that the thing they are saying is untrue, they simply create more lies.  I had been watching for  months as these same cointelpro agents worked hard to chase off the most productive people at OccupyLA. The victims of the cointelpro smear campaigns were concerned for their reputations, and rightly so.  I too, was concerned for my reputation. I knew the cointelpro agents who were working OccupyLA were fierce, highly trained at disinfo campaigns, at stopping productivity, and at causing rifts and divisions.  

The same cointelpro tumblr and twitter account are still up and running and still maintained by obvious cointelpro agents. They still post links to their smear articles to try to harm the reputations of the people who helped productively with OccupyLA.

The reality is that I gave many hours to the people of OccupyLA and continue to give free legal advice and assistance to those who ask.  This happens behind the scenes.  The other reality is that while the camp was going, I was the one steering in many of the donations. Donations were money, food, water, tents, blankets, clothing.   I never asked anything of OccupyLA, but rather, offered to assist with the trademark situation and told what the costs would be.  

The important thing to understand is that cointelpro agents weave their fantasies to scare off productive people, to create divisions, create confusion or fear, all to stop societal change from taking place.

Here is an interesting catch: Whenever I see this ludicrous cointelpro article claiming I somehow tried to make money by helping OccupyLA, I know that the person posting it is in touch with or working with the cointelpro agents.  Or the cointelpro agents see an ill-informed dupe and send them a link to their defamatory smear piece.   That's because any of the real people who actually helped with OccupyLA also had this same bunch write a smear piece on them.  Or many smear pieces.  

Last I checked, new smear pieces were still being created by these same cointelpro operatives.   One of the agents often uses twitter to post a short, outlandish smear. I saw one where he posted saying a man I know was a rapist.  Just that.  A 140 character tweet with no further info, just labeling a very good, kind man a rapist.  

There is little to nothing that can be done about cointelpro agents, other than to make people aware of what is going on, make them aware of the presence and work of the agents, and to gather the good, productive people into a safety net for each other.  Understanding the mechanisms of cointelpro and disinfo campaigns is important when trying to build a community or movement.  The powers that be very much want to control the people, the events, and the outcome.  Challenges to the status quo, challenges to have a better, happier, more fair society are frightening to those whose livelihood or luxury depend on quashing new ways of thinking and being.

So, when a person copies, quotes, or links to any of the cointelpro-created smear articles, this is a sure way to tell the person is either a cointelpro agent, a dupe, a fool, or just very naive and new to protest. 

Barrett Brown Plea Deal Charges

Is that tie an Accessory after the Fact?

Barrett Brown Plea Deal Charges  
by Susan Basko 
The same people who charged Barrett Brown with 11 counts for the imaginary crime of posting a link have now charged him with being an "accessory after the fact" and "giving comfort" to someone named "o." Oh.  Lest you think an "accessory after the fact" is a scarf you add to your ensemble as you dash out the door,  it is a crime.   The superseding indictment alleges that "o" hacked Stratfor and that Barrett not only gave this hacker "comfort," but also "caused confusion" in his dealings with Stratfor.  Imagine a hacker named "o" and Barrett Brown causing confusion. Unthinkable.

The Unsinkable Mister Brown has had two new charges lodged against him.  These 2 charges are said to be part of a pending plea agreement.  Therefore, we can assume these two new charges are the ones that are the dream charges for the prosecutor and FBI agent involved in this case. These two charges are the ones that will make the prosecutor and FBI Agent feel fulfilled, happy, thrilled, if Barrett will plead guilty to these two and (presumably), the rest of the other seven still-pending charges are dropped.

Count One is for dallying with "o" and causing irreversible confusion and befuddling.

Count Two hails back to the March 6, 2012 FBI raid on his place when Barrett allegedly hid his laptop computer in his mother's dish cabinet.   See the Superseding Information below.

These are the 2 criminal charges concocted as a potion for a plea deal:

18 USC §§ 1030(a)(5)(B) and

And the law on this is:
 18 USC §§ 1030 (a) Whoever— 5 (B) intentionally accesses a protected computer without authorization, and as a result of such conduct, recklessly causes damage; shall be punished as provided in subsection (c) of this section.

And... What does that section say the punishment is? 

18 USC §§ 1030 (c) The punishment for an offense under subsection (a) or (b) of this section is—
(A) except as provided in subparagraphs (E) and (F), a fine under this title, imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both, in the case of—
(i) an offense under subsection (a)(5)(B), which does not occur after a conviction for another offense under this section, if the offense caused (or, in the case of an attempted offense, would, if completed, have caused)—
(I) loss to 1 or more persons during any 1-year period (and, for purposes of an investigation, prosecution, or other proceeding brought by the United States only, loss resulting from a related course of conduct affecting 1 or more other protected computers) aggregating at least $5,000 in value.


18 USC §§ 1501 and

And the laws on this are below: Note, we don't know what "extradition agent" this refers to, but the indictment states this is with regard to the Dish Cabinet Caper.  Perhaps one of the agents involved was actually an extradition agent poking around in Barrett's mom's cabinets to make some extra spending money?  

18 U.S. Code § 1501 - Assault on process server   Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs, resists, or opposes any officer of the United States, or other person duly authorized, in serving, or attempting to serve or execute, any legal or judicial writ or process of any court of the United States, or United States magistrate judge; or

Whoever assaults, beats, or wounds any officer or other person duly authorized, knowing him to be such officer, or other person so duly authorized, in serving or executing any such writ, rule, order, process, warrant, or other legal or judicial writ or process—

18 U.S. Code § 1502 - Resistance to extradition agent
Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs, resists, or opposes an extradition agent of the United States in the execution of his duties, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.  

These three likely plea deal charges add up to a total of no more than 7 years in prison. Rumor is a deal has been struck for no more than 30 months.  Under U.S. law, federal prisoners get 54 days off their sentence for every year they serve.  Barrett has been in jail over a year and a half, which gives him 80 extra days off the sentence, or close to three months.  Under this formula, Barrett has already served about 21 months.  If the deal is for a 30 month sentence, that would put his release date at about Christmas 2014. That would be a nice Christmas present for Barrett and his family.  

Racketeering and Websites

Racketeering and Websites
Doxing, Doxbin, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Revenge Sites 
by Susan Basko, Esq.

 I have mentioned a number of times that it can be illegal to be involved in certain ways as a user or admin or owner of a website such as Doxbin, that collects and distributes personal identifying information, or of an abusive website such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, which contains obscene or lewd pictures and writing and also posts peoples' names and personal information, or of some of the revenge sites, such as Cheaterville, that contain obscene or lewd writing, pictures, as well as some personal information.  In this blog post, I will try to explain this as simply and clearly as possible.  I will also explain how, under Federal Racketeering laws, rather than being liable for just one crime, a user, owner, or admin of such a site might be liable for ALL the crimes committed on the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If some other lawyer disagrees with my legal analysis, that is fine, they are free to write their own legal analysis.  PLEASE note, the possible commission of crimes on the named sites is a legal analysis, and the criminal nature of the websites' activities is alleged for purposes of this analysis.  This is for the benefit of people who may wish to avoid being involved in any way in possible criminal activity.  The criminal nature of the sites has not yet been charged in any indictments or shown in a court of law.  However, for those who wish to avoid committing any crimes, a cautious analysis of what is happening on these websites while knowing the laws, may help some people make decisions that may benefit them.  Also keep in mind, if such crimes as are listed in this analysis were ever charged, the defendant(s) would be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

DOXING AND POSTING OBSCENITY ARE ILLEGAL:  It is illegal to possess or transfer personal identifying information to commit or aid or abet a federal or state crime, as will be explained below.  It is also illegal to place any sort of obscene or lewd writing or picture onto the internet, as will be explained below.  The Federal Racketeering laws add a new dimension, where any one individual user, admin, or owner of such a site might be held liable for ALL the crimes committed on the site.

RICO LAWS: First, let's look at a recent case in which the federal racketeering laws were first used in regards to a website.  In this case, a man named David Ray Camez bought a fake drivers license on a website.  Because of the way the racketeering or RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act) law works, the man was made liable for all the crimes of all the users on the site.  Mr. Camez paid $300 for a fake drivers license and was held liable for $5.5 million in crimes. Note, he was not the owner or admin of the site, just one of its minor users.  You can read about that case HERE on Wired, reported by Kevin Poulsen.  I think many more users, admins or owners of such abusive websites will soon be brought down using the Federal criminal statutes as well as the Federal Racketeering laws, which can magnify the liability of each user, admin, or owner.

The federal racketeering laws, 18 U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 96, § 1961 and on,  apply to a certain list of types of crimes, which can be read at the link.  This blog post will only cover two such crimes - doxing, or placing or using personal identifying information of another person for illegal purposes, and posting or viewing obscene or lewd writing or pictures.

DOXING/ DOXBIN: When speaking of a site such as Doxbin or other sites that collect and allow distribution of personal identifying information, this is covered under 18 U.S. Code § 1028 - Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information, which makes it illegal to possess or transfer a "means of identification" for illegal purposes, as such:

(7) knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, or in connection with, any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of Federal law, or that constitutes a felony under any applicable State or local law; or
(8) knowingly traffics in false or actual authentication features for use in false identification documents, document-making implements, or means of identification;

A "means of identification" is defined as:

7) the term “means of identification” means any name or number that may be used, alone or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual, including any—
(A) name, social security number, date of birth, official State or government issued driver’s license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number;
(B) unique biometric data, such as fingerprint, voice print, retina or iris image, or other unique physical representation;
(C) unique electronic identification number, address, or routing code; or
(D) telecommunication identifying information or access device (as defined in section 1029 (e));

Sites such as Doxbin collect and post peoples' names, social security number, date of birth, and on and on, so that these can be used for illegal purposes.  This is a crime under Federal law, as listed above. Under the Federal RICO law, a small time user of the site, or a person placing such info onto the site, or an owner or admin of such a site, might be held liable for all such crimes on the site if there is a "pattern of racketeering activity," which is defined as two or more such acts:

(5) “pattern of racketeering activity” requires at least two acts of racketeering activity, one of which occurred after the effective date of this chapter and the last of which occurred within ten years (excluding any period of imprisonment) after the commission of a prior act of racketeering activity;

 and if, as described in 18 U.S. Code § 1962 - Prohibited activities, the person spends or invests any money made as a result of such illegal activity in any business that is involved in interstate commerce.

So - Anyone who "transfers, possesses, or uses" someone else's "name, social security number, date of birth, official State or government issued driver’s license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number" or other information to aid or abet any unlawful act is committing a federal crime.   Sites like Doxbin are all about such activity.  One might be charged with a federal crime for using such a  site, or, under the RICO laws, one might be charged with ALL the crimes ever committed on the site, if the requirements of the law are met.  This is basically what happened to the man in the David Ray Camez case mentioned above.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA AND other REVENGE ABUSE WEBSITES/ obscene materials and posting personal information: Some morally indecent websites are used for purposes of hateful revenge against victims. The admins and users of the sites post defamation (damaging lies), nude or lewd photos, obscene or lewd memes, and other such materials against people they want to harass as their victims. I use the example of Encyclopedia Dramatica, which posts shocking obscene pictures and lewd words.  Encyclopedia Dramatica posts the names and personal information, as well as photos, of the victims on the site along with the shocking obscene photos the site owners and users seem to delight in.  Revenge sites, such as Cheaterville, post lewd or lascivious writing and possibly pictures, also.  The Cheaterville site has postings calling women lewd, lascivious, or obscene words, denigrating them, impugning them as being sexual indecent, and other such lewd writings.  Some of the postings include lewd photos.   The site is shocking and must be devastatingly harmful to the women who are victimized.  Some revenge sites post nude photos of the victims.  It is illegal to post or receive, that is, view or download, any obscene, lewd, or lascivious writings or pictures on the internet.  The malicious nature of such sites as have been described, and the fact they victimize real people, would likely contribute to the materials being found obscene, filthy, lewd, or lascivious by a court.  This is not merely the fantasy sadism of a lewd photo, but real life sadism of harming the victim's life, soul, livelihood, relationships, and very existence.

Under 18 U.S. Code § 1462 - Importation or transportation of obscene matters it is illegal to place onto an "interactive computer service," such as the internet, "(a) any obscene, lewd, lascivious, or filthy book, pamphlet, picture, motion-picture film, paper, letter, writing, print, or other matter of indecent character" or to "receive" the same, meaning view or download.  It is also illegal to produce or make such materials to be placed onto the internet,  under 18 U.S. Code § 1465 - Production and transportation of obscene matters for sale or distribution.  Such materials are described as "any obscene, lewd, lascivious, or filthy book, pamphlet, picture, film, paper, letter, writing, print, silhouette, drawing, figure, image, cast, phonograph recording, electrical transcription or other article capable of producing sound or any other matter of indecent or immoral character."

So -- it is a federal crime to make or place any obscene or lewd writing or pictures onto the internet, as well as to receive, view, download any such items.

The Federal Racketeering law  could be used to hold those using such a site liable for all the crimes committed on the site, if the requirements of the law are met, such as in the story of David Ray Camez above.

Websites such as Encyclopedia Dramatica and Cheaterville may have an  extra level of culpability because they may violate some state laws that make it illegal to post any person's name or photo on a site that contains pornographic or obscene materials, unless the person gives permission.  This might also enter the area of RICO law since the victims' names and information are posted in the commission of a state crime, and if the requirements of the RICO law are met.

CRIMINAL PENALTIES:  The doxing and obscenity crimes listed above each have penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment.  If the acts are charged under the RICO law, the penalty is greatly magnified.    The RICO laws have harsh penalties under 18 U.S. Code § 1963 - Criminal penalties, including up to 20 years in prison and forfeiture of property.

CIVIL REMEDIES:  The RICO law under 18 U.S. Code § 1964 - Civil remedies allows any person who has been damaged by racketeering activity to sue and to get an injunction to stop the offending conduct and also be awarded three times their damages, the cost of the lawsuit, and attorney fees.  The possibility of collecting attorney fees make such lawsuits possible, even for poor plaintiffs.

Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims

Encyclopedia Dramatica: 5 Victims
Death threats, cyberstalking, and a meth ring
By Susan B, Esq.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is an abusive website that is run and used by sociopaths to harm their victims.  The users and admins of the site are abusive people who choose victims, it seems almost randomly, and  post lies, attacks, malicious hate, invasions of privacy, etc. against the victims, onto the Encyclopedia Dramatica website.  Encyclopedia Dramatica seems to choose good, successful people as its victims and tries to drag them down to the level of the abusive pathetic users of the website.  The website looks sort of like Wikipedia, so viewers might mistake it as being official in some way, rather than being the malicious revenge hate site that it is.  The users of Encyclopedia Dramatica use the site to punish, defame, denigrate, stalk, coerce, force, extort, get revenge, harm the reputations of, harm the businesses of, and endanger the lives of the victims and their families and friends.  

Encyclopedia Dramatic is an obscene website, containing shocking obscenity.  In addition, the site posts compromising photos of the victims, if any are available.  Encyclopedia Dramatica posts stolen photos violating copyright, and refuses to remove them.  The site is a place of extreme hate, mountains of lies, shocking obscenity, depravity, disrespect. The site has an overall feeling of being run by sick perverts for sick perverts.

The Encyclopedia Dramatica website is run in a wholly abusive and irresponsible way.  Victims of the site who wish to complain are steered toward a page that contains shocking obscenity, as well as a bold statement claiming that the site is beyond the reach of the law.  In short, the Encyclopedia Dramatica site is an abusive, extortionate site that allows and encourages its sociopathic admins and users to use the site to harm innocent victims.   This seems to be done under the guise of being "parody."  Defamation is not parody.  Posting peoples' names and photos on an obscene site is not parody; it is  a crime.  Posting lies to harm others is not parody.  Using a website to harm the reputations and businesses of innocent victims is not parody.  Cyberstalking is not parody.  Interfering with peoples' businesses and reputations is not parody.  Invasions of privacy are not parody. Threatening to kill one's victims is not parody.   The Encyclopedia Dramatica site is chockful or crimes and civil abuses, or torts.

The sociopaths running Encyclopedia Dramatica call it "lulz."  These same people are seen all over the internet committing malicious acts against others.  Notably, the abusers of Encyclopedia Dramatica tend to use screen names, so their real identities are shielded from their victims, as well as from the decent public.  If what they are doing is legal and acceptable, why don't they attach their real names to it?

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a case where a few sociopaths created a website for their own sick purposes, and gathered other like-minded sick people to participate in choosing and harming victims.

About 16 months ago, I began being severely stalked by a racist hate group called Rustle League.  I began to look for other victims of the people who were stalking me.   Members of Rustle League are intertwined with Encyclopedia Dramatica, as well as with Doxbin, a site that gathers and posts personal identifying information of its victims to make them subject to crimes of all sorts, including identity theft for fraud or terrorism purposes.

I have had the opportunity of speaking with a good number of victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Keep in mind, there are hundreds or thousands of victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.   Without revealing their names, I will tell you about 5 of them, including myself, as I, too, am a victim of this malicious website and its sociopathic admins and users:

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 1: Victim 1 is a woman who had a successful online radio show.  She began being stalked by a man and a woman.  The same man was stalking me, too, which is how I came to locate Victim 1.  Victim 1's radio show had drawn quite a following.  The show was something like a radio Oprah Winfrey show - a friendly woman putting on a clean, decent show.  The man and others stalking Victim 1 created hundreds of defamatory youtube videos using Victim 1's name and video footage. They created dozens of defamatory impersonation Twitter accounts using Victim 1's name and photo.  They posted a page "about" her  on Encyclopedia Dramatica. The page lied about Victim 1, mocked her, ridiculed her and her radio show. The page said she was a drug abuser who had lost custody of her children. These things were malicious lies.   The stalking was nonstop and extremely vicious.  The woman lost the sponsors who had offered to fund her show.  She and her husband were forced to move to try to escape some of the attacks.  They became extremely cautious and wary of phone calls and emails, terrified that they had been located by the attackers.  The man who was stalking her now has his own radio show as part of a racist hate stalking group.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 2: Victim 2 was a sex worker, who is trying to move on with her life.  One of the sociopathic users of Encyclopedia Dramatica posted nude photos of her on the site.  The site also posted her personal identifying information and that of her family.  The site also posted extremely malicious, vicious attacks against her.  The woman feels, rightly so, that she will not be able to get a job or have a real relationship until the page attacking her on Encyclopedia Dramatica is removed.  She dreams that one day, the malicious invasions of her privacy will be removed off Encyclopedia Dramatica, so she can live a full and happy life.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 3: Victim 3 is a computer expert.  His page on Encyclopedia Dramatica mocks his skills, trying to make him sound incompetent.  His personal information has been revealed. He has been swatted 4 times. Swatting is when a person files a false police report of a crime in progress.  Many swatters call police and claim to be holding hostages at the home they are luring the police to swat.  Police make an emergency tactical response, perhaps send a SWAT squad (Special Weapons and Tactics).  The swatting victim and all others present have their lives endangered. Aside from the extreme dangers caused by swatting, each swatting incident is said to cost a police unit $100,000.  Victim 3 has been swatted 4 times.  He has had to move.  He believes that the intention of the swatters is that he will be killed by police gunfire.  With the stalkers from Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin always on his tail, his life is likely to be in danger for many years to come.

Encyclopedia Dramatic Victim 4: Victim 4 was also a victim of Jaime Cochran and the Rustle League. Cochran harassed the man, posting calling him "Aspie," implying he was mentally incompetent, etc. In fact, the man is highly intelligent and very friendly.  He has a hearing disability.  His Encyclopedia Dramatica page mocked his skills and denigrated him and revealed his personal information.  Victim 4 was swatted at his home that he shares with his family.  Young children were held at gunpoint by police.  Police and Secret Service searched the house for many hours.  The man and his entire family had their lives placed in extreme peril, and the man was placed in extreme legal danger.  The whole family is still endangered by Encycylopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Victim 5: This is me.  I am a lawyer who has given pro bono help to a number of people who have disabilities.   After helping one particular man, I have been severely stalked for 16+ months by a man using the name Travis Gosselin, as well as by many members and associates of the Rustle League racist hate group, including Jaime Cochran/ Asshurtmacfags, @5hm00p (Shmoop), Dillon Crawford/ forsaken, @Meepkittyfuck,  Rachael Perrotta / @plussone,  and many others.   I have thousands of pieces of evidence of this incessant and hateful stalking.

I have NO IDEA why this group felt it was a proper response to harass and stalk a lawyer for helping a disabled man who needed help. I assume they are morally repugnant degenerates and I have seen nothing to dispute this.

When the stalking began, I was told to be quiet, to pretend it wasn't happening. I was told that if I complained, I would be attacked worse.  I was told that the stalkers are vicious, that their attacks have no bounds. I found this to be true, that these attackers know no limits.  I found that many internet users hate these attackers, but are terrified to speak up. I have spoken up and will continue to do so.

  I personally was threatened by a person named Jaime Cochran/ Asshurtmacfags, a member of Rustle League, who I do not know and with whom I have never had any dealings, other than being stalked and attacked.  The attacks by Cochran and the Rustle League began after I assisted a man who was arrested and mentally ill.  I was told that I was being attacked because I was "Jewish" and because I was helping a "crazy man." These attacks have gone on for 16+ months.

Cochran tells in a youtube television interview of enjoying stalking and harming online victims, thinking this is a fun activity.  Cochran and a man who uses the Twitter handle @Jordstar began stalking me, saying they would write "about" me on Encyclopedia Dramatica.  These taunts were not in response to anything, as I have never had any dealings with either of these people. I sought out an email address  for "Jordstar"and emailed him, asking why he was posting threats about me with Jaime Cochran.  He claimed to be not so involved, but did not delete his taunts or post an apology for his assaults against my dignity and safety.  Apparently, attacking a helpful lawyer for no reason was his idea of fun, too, just as it is for Cochran.  (Please note: I found @Jordstar's real name, business name and address in Canada, but did I post this? No, because I am a normal person, not an abusive stalker.)

Months later, I got threats and extortion regarding having defamation about me placed onto Encyclopedia Dramatica from people using the names "Nachash," who says s/he runs the crime site called Doxbin, and another one who also claims to run Doxbin and calls himself or herself "Intangir," as well as taunts from a woman who uses the twitter accounts @Anoccam and @Tawnie.  These threats were later followed up by someone using the name Chris Jones, who says he is an Admin for Encyclopedia Dramatica.  He says his Admin name is likeicare.

The person using the name Intangir sent me a detailed written death threat, in which s/he said s/he will break into my home,  put a cloth covered in formaldehyde over my face while I am sleeping, shoot me in the head, and dispose of my body in a very specific way, which s/he wrote out in detail.  This, from the friendly people of Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin.

The person using the name Chris Jones, aka likeicare, Admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica, also sent me a written death and rape threat.  He also claims to be stalking my "family members." He says he is not afraid to take this to "IRL level shit," and tells me to "enjoy being raided," implying that he plans to swat me, that is, file a false emergency complaint to the police.  Again, these are the friendly people of Encyclopedia Dramatica, just saying hello to one of their victims.

They also posted defamation on complaint sites, claiming to be my clients, and then had  extortion demands sent to me demanding large sums of money.

These people created pages on Encyclopedia Dramatica dedicated to harassing me. Their point is to terrorize, defame, denigrate, lie, harm my business, harm my reputation, invade my privacy, and on.  There is no pretense of this being anything but criminal cyberstalking.   WHY would they be posting anything at all about me?  Just simply - they are criminal cyberstalkers.

Keep in mind, I do not know any of these people and would never in a million years socialize or do business with such people.   I only socialize and do business with good people of upstanding character.      

One of the Encyclopedia Dramatica admins who uses the name @Gwennyrah, in a grandiose bullying maneuver,  posted tweets claiming I should be "disbarred." He or she tweeted telling people to file bar complaints against me. This is so ironic as to be pathetically laughable.  I should be disbarred for being the victim of sociopaths running a malicious website and for letting the public know about these crimes against me?  I am a lawyer. I have a sworn oath to uphold the law.  Egregious crimes are being committed against me and against thousands of others who are victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  I have an ethical and moral duty to stand up to these nefarious wrongdoers.  Moreso, as a victim of Encyclopedia Dramatica myself, I have a right to let others know, to shout out and warn others of the dangerous and bad people online.

I have also told Brian Zaiger to remove all mention of me from the site. Brian Zaiger claims to be World Admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica, as well as a member of the racist hate group Rustle League, and also of GNAA (Gay Niggers Association of America), a group of white men who think ridiculing people of color is funny. Rather than remove all mention of my name from Encyclopedia Dramatica,  Brian Zaiger posted mocking and taunting tweets. This is a man with utterly no respect for other people.

 METH RING?  One admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica has contacted me many times, to tell me that the site runs a meth (methamphetamine) ring, the proceeds of which are used to support the activities of the site which he says are anti-Jewish acts and the brainwashing of young people.  That sounds about right, and is what is clearly the "social goal" of the Rustle League, which is intertwined and shares some of the same people.  The ED Admin claims to be addicted to meth, which he says he enjoys, but is also concerned about the drug ring.   This Encyclopedia Dramatica admin asked me to report this drug ring to the FBI, which I did.  

SERIOUS QUESTION: Do any of these stalkers want to quit? Do they want to apologize to me?  Do they want to remove the crap they have posted?