How to Plan a Million Mask March 2015

How to Plan a Million Mask March 2015
in 10 Easy Steps
by Susan Basko, esq


Maybe you've heard about the Million Mask March scheduled for Thursday, November 5th, 2015.  This is a world-wide peaceful march. Search on Twitter and Facebook to see if your city is planning a march. Note the time carefully because different cities are planning their marches for times beginning anywhere from 9 am to 5 pm.

 If your city or town or campus does not already have a march planned, maybe you want to plan your own march.  It's easy and fun!   HERE IS HOW:

Remember this is a PEACEFUL MARCH. That means no harm will be done to any people or any building or any vehicle or any other thing.

It is fine if your protest is only a few of your friends.  It is also fine if there are many of you.  The idea is that you are joined together with people WORLDWIDE who are doing the Million Mask March on November 5, 2015.  The "million" is worldwide.


 First search on Twitter and Facebook to see if there is a march already planned for your location. If so, join in with that group.  There are many listings on Wordpress sites, Facebook pages, and on Twitter accounts.  A Google search with the words Million Mask March and the name of your city should bring up results.

Some are listed on this Facebook page:

If there is not a march already in your area, to PLAN YOUR OWN:

1) If you need to plan your own march, it is too late in almost any city to get a permit. Therefore, to run a legal protest, you will need to hold it in a public plaza or on the public sidewalk.  How to do this:

2) Choose a location that is a publicly-owned plaza such as by a City Hall, government building, etc. or a place on a public sidewalk.   If possible, get a local lawyer to help you with your plans.

3) The date is THURSDAY, November 5, 2015.  Choose a 2-hour time slot.  The BEST TIME SLOT is when students and workers can attend.  That might be 4pm - 6pm or 5pm - 7pm.    Plan according to what works for your people.  The time slot is start to finish and includes gathering, running your protest, speakers, music and dancing, ending, and clean-up.  Plan and write your schedule and get helpers to keep it on time.

If a protest is longer than 2 hours, local people and police start to get agitated.  Keep it to 2 hours for the most peaceful protest.  Some bigger cities are having long, all-day protests where people will stop in for a while when it is convenient for them, and then leave.  If your protest is going to draw a small group, then you need to make it compact in time to make it effective.

4) Create a facebook page for your event. Invite people using the Facebook invite system.  Ask people to SHARE the invitation.

5) Make a twitter account for your event.  Post your updates.

6) Check your state and municipal statutes to see if it is illegal to wear masks in public.  If it is illegal, print up masks, back them with cardboard or foam core board, and tape them to a flat stick, so you are holding the masks, not wearing them.  MASK TO PRINT: 

7) Plan what you are going to do at the protest.  Dancing, music, a speaker, drums, etc. are all good.  It is nice to have a live streamer, live tweeters, photographers, videos, etc.  A lot of protests are just people standing around wearing masks or dancing.  That is effective, too.

8) The theme is freedom of internet and freedom from surveillance.  The irony, of course, is that your whole protest is likely to be on surveillance cameras, as well as on many peoples' phone cameras.

9) Run your protest.  Afterwards, clean up.  Pick up any papers or fliers that were dropped on the ground.  Leave the space cleaner and neater than you found it.

10) Share your Million Mask March photos and videos on Twitter and Youtube and Facebook.

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