Twitter installs new @RonBryn Reporting Tool!

Twitter installs new @RonBryn Reporting System

By Susan Basko, esq.

I am constantly lied about and defamed on Twitter by @RonBryn.  And who isn't?  Ronald Brynaert is a nonstop shit show of harassment.  He's been that way for as long as he has been on Twitter.  Some have surmised @RonBryn is a cointelpro agent. Others say he is insane.   Twitter calls it "targeted harassment," and they must enjoy getting reports about @RonBryn, or else they would have banned him long ago.

A woman named Del Harvey or @Delbius, is the Head of Twitter Trust and Safety.  We can all assume she sits on her ass all day eating donuts and watching cartoons, because she sure as hell is not instilling any "Trust" in Twitter, nor does Twitter  provide even the barest amount of "Safety" for its users who are normal, good people.  Twitter allows the trolls, psychopaths, defamation artists, and cyberstalkers to run amok.  Hence, why I am able to write about the years of hundreds of targeted harassment tweets, shocking lies and outrageous defamation tweeted "about" me by Ronald Brynaert, aka @RonBryn.  That's because @Delbius keeps collecting a paycheck without doing a damn thing to keep me safe from this monster.

Well, guess what? Twitter has just installed the new @RonBryn Deluxe Reporting Tool.  This is for real.  When you report targeted harassment by @RonBryn or someone like him, a long list comes up automatically of the last 100 or so tweets where @RonBryn has been stalking you, lying about you, defaming you, or harassing you.  The collection seems to be curated as the "Best of --"

Note: Don't be fooled.  Twitter has installed this new tool, but Twitter does not put the information to any use.  Twitter allows the most monstrous users to keep on attacking, lying, defaming, cyberstalking, and harassing.  Twitter takes absolutely zero steps to remove shocking, defamatory tweets or to curb ongoing targeted harassment. Twitter does not ban the worst of the worst Twitter users or even scold them.  That's how and why @RonBryn is still in action, even after years of doing nothing with his Twitter account but cyberstalking others.

I downloaded the whole Twitter-provided "Best of @RonBryn harassing Sue Basko" and it goes back years.  Ron Brynaert is like your cranky old aunt who is always kvetching about every damn thing.  Ron lies outright and makes up the most insane shit.  He gossips.  He makes up crazy complaints about things that are none of his business.  He's some combination of Gladys Kravitz and Barney Fife. (two old time TV show characters. Click on the links to read what they're all about. )

This new Deluxe @RonBryn Twitter Reporting Tool makes it much easier to report @RonBryn for targeted harassment, because Twitter automatically supplies tweets you can add to your complaint.  You are allowed to add up to 5 tweets.  You can keep making reports so you can add the whole list, 5 at a time.  That's what I did. I must have made 20 or more reports, adding 5 abusive tweets at a time.

Here are step-by-step instructions with illustrations:

STEP 1: Someone sends you a link to a crazy defamatory tweet about you posted by Ron Brynaert, aka @RonBryn, Twitter madman.

STEP 2: While you are looking at the first insane Tweet @RonBryn has posted, you notice an even crazier one.  In this tweet, Ron claims I am "pals" with someone in the Aryan Brotherhood.  Now, of course, I do not know anyone at all who is in the Aryan Brotherhood.  I do not know anyone who belongs to any unsavory groups at all, nor do I know any racists first-hand (because I carefully choose who I get to know).  And I am not "pals" with anyone, of any sort. But here is Ron, as always, making up insane lies and feeling free-as-a-bird to post the lies publicly online.

About a week ago, Ron Brynaert was tweeting an elaborate lie that I posted his Social Security number somewhere.  I am a lawyer.  I would never in a million years post anyone's Social Security number.  I also have no idea how I would find out anyone's Social Security number.  There also was no sort of even slight evidence of me posting such a thing. But Facts Shmacts - Ronald Bryaert makes up any crazy lie that pops in his head and then he tweets it to the world!  And Twitter does not a damn thing about it.  Twitter allows these defamatory tweets to remain up forever, and they don't ban @RonBryn, though such lies and defamation comprise the bulk of his tweets.

 So - time to report Ron to Twitter -- and that is when the Surprise new @RonBryn Twitter Tool comes up!!!

STEP 3: Twitter asks "What is going on with this Tweet?"  There is no answer that says, "Ron Brynaert is making up crazy lies about me again." So, I have to opt for "It's abusive or harmful," a description that seems to perfectly fit Ron.

STEP 4: Twitter asks "How is this Tweet abusive or harmful?'  
The correct answer is: "Includes targeted harassment."

STEP 5: Twitter asks "Who is @RonBryn targeting?  
The choices are "Me" or "Someone else."
Today, I chose "Me," though he is always targeting someone.

STEP 6:  This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!!  Twitter automatically presents a whole long list of some of the many, many tweets where @RonBryn is harassing me.  I get to choose up to 5 tweets to add to the complaint!  There are so many and they are all so abusive, I can barely pick.

STEP 7:  I end out choosing 5 past abusive tweets against me made by @RonBryn.  There are so many to pick from, that I end out making multiple reports.  This new Twitter @RonBryn Reporting Tool is a time travel machine, where you can see what idiotic and compulsively negative and sickening thing Ron was saying at which points in history.  A Twitter WayBack Machine!   What thing was Ron tweeting about that was absolutely none of his business?  What crazy conspiracy plot was he hatching?  What was he claiming to know about when he had no knowledge?  Who was he calling my "pal"?  What crazy crime was he claiming I committed?  The list goes on and on.   Ron is the Troll of All Trolls, yet hilariously, he calls other people "troll."

STEP 8:  After the complaint with the 5 past abusive tweets has been clicked in, next Twitter provides a little expandable box where you can relate the whole saga.  I explain that @RonBryn has been engaged in targeted harassment of me for about 5 years, that he has no connection to me, that I have him blocked and never tweet at or to or about him.  I ask Twitter to please finally ban him.  If Twitter cared about targeted harassment, they would have banned Ron years ago.  Twitter does not care, but they have provided a fun and  handy new tool for reporting @RonBryn.

STEP 9: Twitter says "We have received your report."  They ought to go on and write "And we don't give a damn.  We think allowing jerks and liars like @RonBryn to remain on Twitter gives it some "oomph."  We sort of like people to cringe about Twitter.  We don't really give a shit as long as @RonBryn is not harassing @Jack."

----The End. ---- 

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