Zaiger's Lawyers Say He Won't Communicate;
Friends Say He's in Prison

Gangsta Monkey.  He's so hood.
Zaiger's Lawyers Say He Won't Communicate;
Friends Say He's in Prison
 by Susan Basko, Esq.

Brian Zaiger's friends, to use that term loosely, say he is in prison.  Zaiger's lawyers say he won't communicate with them.  How is he supposed to communicate if he is in prison?

Zaiger's lawyers in Monsarrat v Zaiger, who are Jay Wolman and Marco Randazza, say they must withdraw from the case. They also say there are 8 motions coming up for hearings, and that Zaiger will just have to handle them on his own or get himself a new lawyer.  LoL on all that happening if he is in prison.

Is Zaiger in prison? I could not find him in online inmate listings, but that doesn't mean much.  If anyone knows facts about this and wants to send them to me, please do.

Above are tweets dated April 21, 2018, an exchange between @eddotse, the twitter for Encyclopedia Dramatica, and @GangstaMonkey21:

@eddotse: Happy Birthday to our previous leader - @Zaiger.  Hope prison's working out for ya, fam.

@GangstaMonkey21: Is he in prison now and just going to be very soon?

@eddotse: Already is.

@GangstaMonkey21: fuck yea, dickhead deserves everything that happens to him.

Here is the Motion to Withdraw: (further below is the Affidavit that goes with this)

This is the Affidavit that supports the Motion to Withdraw.

Brian Zaiger Lawyers' Motion to Withdraw Jay Wolman Affidavit 130-1 by Sue Basko on Scribd

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