Encyclopedia Dramatica's Zaiger's Lawyers Quitting

 Encyclopedia Dramatica's Zaiger's Lawyers Quitting

In a motion for an extension of time in Monsarrat v Zaiger (See Below), the lawyers for Brian Zaiger, who are Marco Randazza and Jay Wolman, say they are going to file a petition to withdraw from the case.  They do not state a reason, but one common reason for lawyers to withdraw is when they are not being paid.  Another reason lawyers sometimes withdraw is if there is a fundamental disagreement between the lawyer and client on how the case should be handled.

This particular motion asks for a 30 day extension of time to give Brian Zaiger a chance to find a new lawyer or to get up to speed to represent himself pro se.  The motion states that there are 8 pending motions.  Whether a judge will allow these lawyers to drop out when their client is facing 8 upcoming motions remains to be seen.  First, they'll file a withdrawal motion and give their reasons.

Jonathan Monsarrat's Copyright claim was dismissed as being time-barred.  That leaves Zaiger's Counterclaims. 

Meanwhile, Encyclopedia Dramatica ownership has reportedly been taken over by Sibin Grašić of Serbia, @etfovac on Twitter.

The Encyclopedia Dramatic website has been down for about a week.  A tweet issued by the site 's account on May 5, 2018, states:

"Our Frontend host has booted us because of the "Offended" page, I'm working to setup couple of alternatives.  Would have notified y'all sooner, but - Twitter Jail."

Whether that is the actual reason for the site being down remains to be seen. Stay tuned and bring big buckets of popcorn.

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