Swatted by the Lizard Squad - My Experience

Swatted by the Lizard Squad - My Experience
by Susan Basko, Esq.

Back in Fall of 2014, I was swatted, as it turned out, by a member of the Lizard Squad in the UK named Jordan Hunter or Jordan Lee-Bevan.  That serial swatter has been sentenced to 16 months in prison.  You can read more about him HERE and HERE and HERE.

Jordan Hunter was a white teenager with a thick Liverpool accent who pretended online that he was a Black ghetto gang member in Chicago.  He called himself GDK Jordie,  GDK meaning "Gangster Disciples Killer." This is his twitter account, @GdkJordie, that, until he was arrested, was filled with his nonsensical ideas of what a Chicago street gang member would tweet.   On Youtube, you can watch and hear a video of the last interview of GdkJordie, interviewed by DJ Akademiks.  DJ Akademics ran a Youtube show called Chiraq, which was about gun crime in Chicago.  DJ Akademics did not for a moment believe that GDK Jordie was from Chicago.  The interview is, by turns, hilarious and pathetic, as this British teen tries to convince the audience he is a ghetto gang dude.

UK law enforcement  described the swatting crimes as "communicating information which he knows or believes to be false to another person with the intention of inducing in him or any other person a false belief that a bomb or other thing liable to explode or ignite is present in any place or location," according to Section 51(2) and (4) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

Most of the swats committed by Jordan Hunter were done by telephone.  Here, you can listen to the actual audio of a 911 call made by Hunter, as he sat in his bedroom of his mother's home in England, to a college in New York State in the U.S..  The call is preposterous, but the dispatcher seemed taken in by it, and safety measures had to be taken. The incident resulted in a huge police response.

The swat that Jordan Hunter committed against me was done using email sent to the list serves of multiple campuses of a very large university in the U.S.  I personally believe that Hunter made the swat for someone else that had been stalking and harassing me at the time.  If anyone knows about such a thing, I would like if they would let me know.

At the time I was swatted by this Lizard Squad member, I had been terrorized for quite some time by members of a nefarious online antisemitic hate and harassment group called the Rustle League, as well as by their associates in ISIS, and by other online malicious groups engaged in stalking and defamation and invasion of privacy, such as Bullyville/ ViaView, Inc., Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Doxbin.  I have made "a zillion" complaints to the FBI and they were working various angles already.  Thank goodness.  Thank goodness I had all those complaints on file, because when the swat went in against me, the officer in charge of the response looked up my name on the FBI database and saw that I had been the victim of all these cyberstalkers for quite some time.  Because I was already a known victim of cyberstalking, the officers were pretty sure the swat was a hoax, but they also had to make sure it was a hoax.

At the time I was swatted by this Lizard Squad member, I had already been stalked and harassed for years by the above named groups.  I then began receiving crazed emails from a lawyer connected to some of the groups.  This is a man I had no connection to and no communication with -- just a crazed stalker.  Then he filed a genuinely bizarre court case against me, making all sorts of wild allegations with no basis in truth.  He also put my name into other insane court filings in other cases where I was not a party, lawyer, or witness, -- cases involving people I never heard of before that.  I then received a voicemail from a male voice, taunting me about the crazed lawsuit filed against me.  Then, right on the heels of that, the swat was made, using my name in an emailed bomb threat sent to a major university.  All of these horrifying things were done to me one right after the other -- the crazy emails, the crazy court filings, the insane court case, the taunting terrorizing voicemail, and then the bomb threats made using my name, meant to swat and terrorize university campuses with over 75,000 students.  The bomb threat hoax was like the icing on the cake of a series of intense stalking episodes over a short period of time.  That is a whole lot of stalking and terrorization that has come my way -- and I wish I could say it is all over, but it is not.  Some of these same horrid people continue to own domains and emails in my name, to run defamation/ smear websites, to stalk my friends and family, to purchase private materials to post on their stalking sites, and on and on.  I long for justice against these menaces of society. I have patience.

How it went down:  It was a nice Fall day.  I went to teach my Entertainment law class.  That day,  I invited a dear friend and colleague from the music industry to join me in teaching the class.  The class went very well, and we both felt happy. When the class was over, we went out for lunch and some fancy craft beers.  Then I went home, where I was met by our security guard/maintenance man, who we had hired to fix little things around the place and carry a gun.  He was hired because I was (and am) being stalked and harassed and threatened by crazies from the internet.  I wanted to take a nap, so I told him he could leave, because I wanted no noise. He left, and I fell into a very deep sleep.

Three hours or so later, I woke up from my nap.  I puttered around a bit, drinking ice water and reading emails.  Then, I turned on my phone and found I had a voicemail.  It was from an officer at the Joint Terrorism Task Force, trying to contact me about a situation at this big university.   The Joint Terrorism Task Force calling me about a bomb threat they received.  Yes, that's right. A voicemail from an officer at the Joint Terrorism Task Force about a bomb threat at a big university.  The officer asked me to return the call directly or to call the FBI office in the town where the main campus was located, leaving both numbers in the message. Since I am aware that people spoof calls, I looked up the phone number for that FBI office and called.  (It was the same number that had been left on the voicemail.) The FBI phone was answered by an agent who seemed relieved to hear from me.  He knew my name and said they had been waiting to hear from me. I was patched on through to the officer from the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

Let me tell you that waking up from a long nap to a voicemail from the Joint Terrorism Task Force about a bomb threat is a way to get a stroke or a heart attack. I shook for days afterwards.

I spoke with the JTTF Officer, who told me that a bomb threat had come in on their list serve.  The bomb threat used MY NAME and said I was upset and had put bombs on the campuses.  The Officer looked up my name on the FBI records and saw that I have been the victim of "tons of" acts of  cyberstalking and harassment, so they figured the bomb threat was a hoax.  But, they needed to check with me.  The multiple large campuses were on high alert and the University President was in his office, waiting to leave. They needed to make contact with me first, and everyone was getting impatient.

I assured the JTTF Officer that the bomb threats were certainly not from me, that it was someone hoaxing me -- which is what the Officers had already figured.  How much did those 4 or 5 hours on high alert cost them?  How much panic did this cause?  The multiple campuses involved have a total of over 75,000 students.  That is a lot of people to endanger by making a bomb threat hoax against them.

Being swatted further terrorized me.  I was already being terrorized by having domains purchased in my name that were being used to post lies about me, by having false court filings made by harassing stalkers, by having death threats made against me, and on and on and on.  Having this swat attempt made against me, in such a big dramatic way, resulted in more terrorization.  My life had been threatened by members of the Rustle League and by their two associates in ISIS -- so I was afraid terrorists would show up in person in my classroom or at my home.  I had my life threatened in detail by "Nachash of Doxbin," and had almost casual death threats tweeted at me by James McGibney of Bullyville/ ViaView, a known serial stalker who also owns a bunch of domains in my name and uses them to lie about me and post shocking defamation and invasions of privacy.  A bomb threat was made against me by yet another malicious person.  I received insane emails by a lawyer associated with some of these groups, in which he claimed that I, a lawyer and grandma from a loving family, who has never even gotten a traffic ticket, was a terrorist in a plot to kill him.  I had years of antisemitic and hate tweets, filled with the most vile garbage, launched at me by the members of Rustle League, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Doxbin.  I was utterly horrified that one of these predators would show up in my classroom or at my home -- in person -- and attempt to kill me or the others there. That is, I guess, the whole point of these people terrorizing me in the first place.  They terrorize to instill fear and more terror.  And -- it works.  We victims of terrorization are not supposed to admit that the acts of terror frighten us or change the way we do things.  But this is not true.  Terror is terror, and it works for its purpose.   That terrorizing others is a sport for the people I have named is quite a bit more mysterious.  How were they raised that they lack in empathy, common sense, and even lack any fear of being caught and held accountable, is beyond anything I can understand.

We, the victims of acts of terror, are not supposed to mention the names of those who commit those acts of terror against us.   To that silence, I say, no more.  I am speaking out.  You are evil, engaged in evil acts, and I am speaking out.

To the assholes who have spent so much time and effort swatting me, making websites to lie about me, filing insane stuff in court --  Sorry, assholes, this swat was a "dud."  The FBI and JTTF were so onto you and what you do, they did not go trying to find me.  They did not stop classes or call in bomb squads.  They did not send police in SWAT uniforms.  They looked at my name and knew you and your online friends have spent years trying every possible method of harassing me.  They did not "question" me.  They called me and left a voicemail to say, "We think this is a hoax, but we need to make sure." They called me on the phone and asked me.  I said, "Yes, this is a hoax.  Sorry, I was out having lunch and then went home and took a nap.  My phone was off and sorry for the delay in listening to your voicemail."  That's it.  You did not get police or FBI running around.  You did not get bomb dogs sniffing.  You did not get tanks rolling up.  You did not get students being led out of class, their hands raised.  You did not get officers armed with rifles running around checking for bombs or snipers. You got people in an office making a phone call.

Make no mistake.  I was shaken.  I still am shaken when I think of being swatted, mainly because it is incomprehensible to me that people can be so casually evil.  I am shaken by the years of being stalked by crazies -- of having websites made in my name, being stalked intensely, being impersonated by people owning domains and emails in my name, by one person filing insane court filings against me, by constant hacking attempts, by having malicious people purchase my emails and recordings of my phone calls to place online as a means of stalking me.  I am shaken by having death threats against me posted on Twitter by various people, people with whom I have had no contact and to whom I never did anything.

So, I was swatted, the Campus police and FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force determined it was a hoax -- then what happened?  I was asked to give a statement.  At first, there was talk of the FBI or the JTTF Officer interviewing me, and then I sent a long written statement, and it was decided that was good enough.  They already had many complaints from me and had already arrested numerous people based on my complaints. They knew I was credible.   I gave a written explanation of the years of cyberstalking I have endured and those I know are responsible, and those I suspect.  It's quite a list.  I let them know each person who has bought or owned a domain in my name, each person who has created a website, account, or email in my name.  I let them know about a bomb threat against me that someone had emailed to me.  I let them know about the crazy court filings and emails sent to me that included bizarre interpretations of my life and my relationships.  I let them know about the death threats and the bomb threats, the stalking, the attempts to "social engineer" my family and friends and even long-ago acquaintances.  I let them know about my emails being purchased and posted online by known long-time stalkers.  I let them know about my personal information being posted online, about the countless attempts to hack my financial and personal accounts.  I told them about the late night phone calls, the obscene photoshopped pictures, the Youtube videos created to be death threats and terrorization.  I had already reported all of that before, as it occurred.  I have had so many stalking and harassment crimes committed against me, that at times, I have had to make multiple reports in one day.  I had to take on an assistant to help make the reports, because it was taking up so much of my time.

When I saw the email that was sent in my name, the bomb threat made to the University campuses, I was not surprised.  It followed a false narrative that my stalkers have used for some time.  The theme, the lie, was that I was upset with my life and had nothing to live for, and would therefore bomb and shoot up a university. The reality, aside from the facts that I am a totally sane and peaceful and loving person, was that I was happy, out teaching my law students that morning, then eating lunch and drinking craft brews with a dear friend, and then home taking a nap.   The bomb threat email used proper grammar and spelling, which leads me to think someone besides Jordan Hunter aka Jordan Lee-Beven aka GdkJordie wrote it.  If you know who, let me know, please.

About a year after the swatting attempt, SEROCU raided the home where GdkJordie lives with his mother.  They seized his computers.  On his computer was found my name. It was then determined that he had made the bomb threats against the University campuses using my name.  I received this good news from the Officer at the JTTF via email and phone, along with a request that I make a victim statement.  The JTTF Officer in the U.S. emailed me the form used in the UK by SEROCU.  I had so much to say in the narrative section of the form that I added many extra pages.  I emailed it back in, no doubt giving them lots of material to work on.

For anyone that wants to call me a "snitch" or other such derisive terms -- I have made it clear all along that I report crimes committed against me.  In addition, I report crimes and potential crimes I know about that are against the public safety.  By now, all of my stalkers and harassers should realize this.  It's very simple.  If you commit a crime against me, I will report you.  Period. 

The SEROCU form asked if I would be willing to attend a trial. I said, "Yes," and hoped for a free trip to England.  That never happened, but the thought of it was the one bright spot in this otherwise dismal situation.

I also made it clear, in writing there on the SEROCU form, that I was not interested in the swatter being sent to prison, or getting a long sentence, but in stopping his harmful actions.  He and his friends, sitting in their bedrooms at their parents' homes, seemed to have no cognizance of the dangers and trauma they were causing to real world people.  They need to know they endangered lives.  They need to know that impersonation, swatting, stalking, hacking, and harassment are crimes that harm real people.  It was way too easy for them to think these were pranks or jokes.

As it turned out, the Lizard Squad members, in the UK, the U.S., and in Finland, have all received extremely light sentences.  They are mostly idiotic kids with undeveloped consciences that were led on by each other and by the e-fame of being in such a group.

I have other hopes.  I hope that some of my other stalkers, people who are old enough to know better,  are brought to justice.

I will never be made whole. The damage that was done to me will never be rectified.  That is the case with almost all crime victims.  Crimes are committed against us, and if we are lucky, the perpetrators are found, and sometimes they face the justice system.  The damage done to us as victims is never addressed.  We lose so much, and it is never brought back to us.  Years of my life have been made less because I have been, and continue to be, stalked and cyberstalked by malicious menaces.

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