Jaime Cochran Accused @MalwareTechBlog

Jaime Cochran Accused @MalwareTechblog
by Susan Basko, Esq.

Disclaimer: I personally was stalked, defamed, harassed, and had my personal and financial information posted online by Jaime Cochran.  Cochran was an antisemite, a racist, an avid troll, and a member of the Rustle League cyberstalking group.  Cochran was best friends with weev, who appears to be happy to be identified as a Nazi and antisemite.  Cochran threatened and extorted me for years, and created huge amounts of defamation against me.  Cochran posted shocking defamation against me onto a demented website called Encyclopedia Dramatica.  Cochran was a member of the Rustle League, an antisemitic cyberstalking and hacking group; a user of Encyclopedia Dramatica, a racist, antisemitic defamation and extortion website that is now banned by several major nations; and GNAA, a group of white people who think it funny to derisively mock Black people.  My values and actions are the exact opposite of these things, which has made me a target of these people for over 8 years.  

WHO was Jaime Cochran harassing before s/he died?  Marcus Hutchins, aka @malwaretechblog.

If Jaime Cochran committed suicide, as she hinted in a tweet was her plan, her harassment of Marcus Hutchins may give a clue as to why.

Marcus Hutchins is a man in his early 20s, from the UK.  He supposedly ended a rapidly spreading malware attack called wannacry by purchasing a domain that the malware kept referring to - thus, allowing the malware to resolve itself to that domain.  This was hailed as a simple ingenious fix.  Marcus Hutchins was promoted as a hero in the internet security community.

However, since the adage is "No good deed goes unpunished," the FBI in the U.S. felt compelled to fulfill that adage.  Last summer, Marcus Hutchins came to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend a couple hacking or infosec conferences, including Defcon. He tweeted about staying with a bunch of people in a nice villa, renting a sports car and driving fast, and going to a gun range promoted as a tourist attraction and shooting big guns. What could be more all-American?

When Hutchins went to the airport to return home to the UK, he was kidnapped by FBI agents, questioned, jailed for about a week, and then charged with federal crimes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of all places.  The charges claim Hutchins made and distributed banking malware.  Hutchins got some good lawyers and was freed, but told he had to stay in the U.S.  He has taken up residence in the Los Angeles area near the beach.

A week ago, Hutchins' lawyers filed a motion to compel withheld discovery from the U.S. prosecutors.  The lawyers hope to use the discovered material to prove that statements Hutchins gave to the agents were coerced and that the agents were aware that Hutchins had been intoxicated and sleep deprived, as is common at Defcon. You can read about that motion here.

Now, let's get back to Jaime Cochran harassing Marcus Hutchins.

On December 21, 2017, Jaime Cochran picked a twitter fight with Marcus Hutchins aka @malwaretechblog.   Here, Cochran says "I  almost hope everyone gets away with shit in the end, besides those who sat down with c-ciphers --- " 

C-ciphers means "cops" in hip hop talk. 

Cochran continues, "much like zeekill, kms, and probably malwaretech--"

Here, Cochran lists two names of notable European hackers and then lists malwaretech.  Cochran is stating that she thinks malwaretech is cooperating with law enforcement agents.

Next, someone named @ValidHorizon asks why Cochran loves picking on Marcus Hutchins.

Hutchins replies that Cochran is upset because, a while back, he linked to a Youtube video of Cochran.  The video is a short clip from a TV show about internet trolling where Cochran admits harassing others for fun.

Next, Hutchins says he is surprised that someone who is a troll is still upset weeks later.

Cochran replies to @ValidHorizons by stating there are "plenty of questionable things about his past/current case/ situation, but he's a VICTIM of the SYSTEM now and automatically a MARTYR! Save him, etc. Regardless of the things he's said since being arrested that would lead one to believe he's actively informing."

Here, Cochran mocks Hutchins, sounds jealous of the widespread support Hutchins has received from the public, and claims that things Hutchins has said make it appear that he is "actively informing."  This seems like pure harassment on Cochran's part, because it seems that Hutchins has refused to say anything about his case.  Further, Hutchins and his lawyers have declared his innocence.

But, keep this in your head -- Cochran was worried that Hutchins was informing on someone.  As the tweets continue on, it appears Cochran seemed to fear Hutchins was informing on her.

Here, Hutchins tweets, "Maybe if I change my career from InfoSec to bitcoin trading, I won't get arrested as much."

To that, Cochran replies, "OR if you didn't get caught writing/ selling banking malware (and regularly poasting (sic) on hackforums)...you *might* not get arrested as much.  Food for thought."

This is Cochran harassing Hutchins by implying he is guilty of the crimes of which he has been accused.  This is Cochran harassing, trying to bring relevancy and notoriety to herself by attacking Hutchins on twitter in the most dire way -- by insinuating that Cochran has some special knowledge of the situation and knows that Hutchins is guilty.  This is a typical Cochran ploy for attention with no sense of fairness or decency.  These are actual crimes Hutchins is charged with, his life has been upended by him being forced to live in the U.S.  He has no I.D. to be able to travel within the U.S., and Cochran is making a public spectacle of claiming that Hutchins is to blame for his own predicament.

Cochran claims Hutchins deleted tweets that show he is guilty of something.  "plz. yr deleted tweets say otherwise."  Typical Cochran harassment.

Then Cochran says, "Stop snitching, starboys."  Here, Cochran equates being arrested and charged with crimes, and the notoriety or fame that came to Hutchins from that, with being a "starboy."  Cochran outright accused Hutchins of "snitching."

This tweet is in reply to @ValidHorizon, who suggested there might be other people, besides Hutchins, who might be more deserving of Cochran's attacks.

Cochran's reply is that she already attacked those people on Chroniclesu -- a ludicrous website where Cochran wrote and posted hate rants she thought were "satire."  Cochran then goes on to say that Hutchins "is someone who was allowed into brofessional circles and vouched for." Cochran seems to be saying that behind the scenes, she has been in touch with Hutchins and that he has been allowed into a circle of people that included Cochran.  "So, yada yada yada, he's arrested for banking malware. big deal."

Here, Cochran has upped the ante from claiming Hutchins is guilty, claiming that Hutchins has sat down with law enforcement agents and "snitched," to here stating that Hutchins has been in her intimate circle of "brofessionals." Note regarding "bro": Cochran was transgender, that is, male by birth.

Through all this, one might ask why a supposed computer or information security professional would be putting on such a spectacle in the very public space of Twitter.

Next, Cochran claims that Hutchins has admitted to having a collection of IRC logs from since his raid.  By "'grep' able," Cochran means computer searchable text.  By "raid," I assume Cochran means Hutchins being arrested at the airport.  By "pre-conviction," Cochran seems a bit confused, since Hutchins has not been convicted, has just filed a Discovery motion, and has pleaded not guilty.  "IRC logs" are "internet relay chat."  This is a popular form of internet chat communication where only those people admitted to the forum may participate.

Essentially, Cochran is saying that Hutchins has a lot of chat logs that could be used as evidence against people, and that Cochran believes Hutchins is cooperating with the prosecution.  However, that does not appear to be the case at all, since Hutchins' lawyers have filed a discovery motion.

However, in Cochran's mind, Hutchins had been allowed into Cochran's inner circle of "brofessionals," had been logging IRC chats in searchable format, and is "snitching."  From this, it is easy to extrapolate that Cochran believes she will be snitched upon.

This is real interesting, because this seems like a show, a tossing of blame.  Hutchins has pleaded not guilty to the charges regarding banking malware, and Cochran is acting as if she is guilty.

Then Cochran tweets what appears to be a death plan.  This was posted on Friday December 22, at 5:25 PM.  Cochran states, "anyway, it's about half past five, so i'll see you in a cemetery after noon after monday afternoon, merry christmas i probably won't die, i probably won't die"

At first, I thought these might be song lyrics, but a google search on these words shows only this tweet.  The following Monday was Christmas.  So, Cochran seems to be saying she will be in a cemetery after Monday afternoon. 

MY ANALYSIS of these tweets is that Cochran felt she had been in some way compromised and that she was being "snitched out" by Hutchins, whom she said had chat logs as evidence.

Was Cochran's death a suicide to outrun what she perceived as impending indictment? Or was it something else?  Let's watch and see what other information comes up.

This person tried twice to ask Jaime Cochran about her level of mental health.  There does not appear to be any reply.

Jamie Cochran tweeted casually about using ketamine while tweeting. Ketamine is a drug used as an anesthetic. In the U.S., it is widely used illegally. Ketamine has caused many deaths by overdose, accident, and suicide.  One of Cochran's friends tweeted that toxicology tests are being run.  Perhaps Cochran's admitted Ketamine use should be considered?

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