Louise Mensch: Who is this goofy bitch?

Louise Mensch: Who is this goofy bitch?
by Susan Basko, Esq.

I had never heard of Louise Mensch, and then I found out she had placed my name on a blocklist called @ChiefCovfefe that she claims is people who are not "patriots," as she claims to be.  I immediately logged out of Twitter and looked at the @LouiseMensch twitter, and saw a woman tweeting manically.  She was calling for everyone that disagreed with her blocklist to be placed onto the blocklist, claiming they were all bad people from whom she and her friends need protection.  She was also busy calling lots of people Russian spies and bots, including a couple of people I know who may have issues, but being Russian spies are not among their issues.

Who the heck is this goofy bitch and how can she dare to put my name on a list of people she is advertising as being "other than Patriots"?  Louise Mensch is not even a U.S. citizen.  From what I have learned about her, she is a privileged housewife from the UK, now living in New York.  She has somehow amassed a following on Twitter, I would guess mainly by purchasing fake followers and blocking anyone real who is involved in activism or the resistance.

This business about me being placed by this whacky bitch onto a list of non-Patriots is quite astounding.  Three times, I have taken solemn oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution -- once in Illinois and once in California and once in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Supreme Court.  A few months ago, I stood before the full U.S. Supreme Court in a solemn ceremony to be sworn into that prestigious Bar, raised my hand, and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  That's an oath I take seriously. And for many years, I have upheld and promoted that Constitution.  Among many other things, I have worked hard to help regular people know how to let their voices be heard through protest.  I do not provide that advice and help only for those with whom I agree politically -- but to people and groups from the far left to the far right and everywhere in between.  I help people know how to legally petition for redress, know their rights to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech.  I don't charge money for this service and I help anyone that wants to put on a protest or rally or march.  I have helped put on protests all over the place -- and I am proud of this, thank you, America. 

Unlike Louise Mensch, the U.S. is my nation, I am a citizen, and I care very much about the future and well-being of my nation and the people in it.  That doesn't make a big Twitter Circus sideshow like Louise Mensch has going, but it is the solidity and genuine goodness that has made the U.S. the envy of people all over the world.  Sorry, Louise, your attitudes and behaviors are unAmerican and you are doing my nation a disservice.  

My family has lived in the U.S. since the early 1800s, some possibly earlier.  I have relatives all over the United States.  My parents were recognized and commemorated by the Chicago City Council with streets being honorarily named for them.  My uncle has a Wyoming state building named after him, after honorably serving for decades as the Supervisor of Oil and Gas.  Another relative was the President of the Chicago Board of Trade for many years.  My family members are lawyers, artists, teachers, workers with the disabled, a skating teaching, a gymnastics teacher, brokers and traders on the stock and commodity exchanges.  We have family members in science and medicine working hard to make the world a better place. There is no one in my family in prison or in any other kind of trouble.  There is not even anyone in my family that smokes cigarettes!  My relatives are a whole bunch of good people working hard to use their natural gifts and talents to make good families, good communities, and a better nation.  

So who the heck is this dishonest bitch Louise Mensch, putting my name on a list?  Lots of other people have these same questions: Who is she? What is she up to? And what is her problem?  I'd like to venture some answers:

1) Louise Mensch is not a US patriot.  She is not even an American.  Louise Mensch somehow has been allowed to live in the U.S., but it seems like she should be escorted out.  She has come to Twitter to cause division and rile up hate.  She has done this by, among other things, creating a list of hundreds of thousands of names, mostly of very good, liberal-minded American citizens, and telling others that they are to block all the hundreds of thousands of people on this list.  

Sorry, bitch, but in the U.S. we do not create lists of citizens and label them as "non-Patriots." That in itself is not patriotic.  You are not a citizen, you are not a patriot, and you are not working for what is good for the U.S.  You are a manic, divisive screwball.  Fuck off. 

2) Louise Mensch is not even a UK patriot.  Louise Mensch's latest thing is a series of tweets where she claims Lauri Love is a Russian spy, and she sees from his tweets that he is a sane, malicious hacker and blah blah blah.  Lauri Love is a UK citizen, a young man charged with some hacking charges by the U.S., which wants to extradite him from the UK to the US to be charged for those crimes.  Now, the irony is that Ms. Mensch also claims to be pro-Brexit.  For anyone that is an actual U.S. patriot or a real British patriot, the Lauri Love answer is one and the same and quite simple: The laws and the justice system in the UK are perfectly fine and perfectly adequate to handle any crime committed there by Lauri Love.  That's it.  The UK system there is fine and adequate. If they think Lauri Love has committed a crime, they can charge him, prosecute him, try him, and if he is found guilty, they can punish him.  They do not need the U.S. to do this.  The real patriotic stance in the U.S. is one that recognizes the worth and sovereignty of other nations.  End of story.

3) Louise Mensch should not be believed.  Louise Mensch's whole thing is that she claims that people in intelligence agencies have told her this and that, which she then reports to the public via Twitter.  Okay, let's break this down.  If there is an intelligence agent (or more than one) feeding information to Louise Mensch, that agent(s) is violating their obligations and oath to their agency and to the nation.  This in itself is unpatriotic.  Next step, if Louise Mensch is being handed such information from an intelligence source, and she is repeatedly milking that source for information, that is not "patriotism," that is "spying."  And posting it all on Twitter in a game of "I told you so," or "One day you will see I am right," is juvenile and attention-seeking.

4) ADD IT UP.  I am asking you all to add this up.  Here is this woman who has suddenly appeared on Twitter.  She is holding court in the media.  She claims to be getting insider information from intelligence sources.  She has made a list that appears to be mostly people from activism and the resistance against the Trump administration, and labeled the hundreds of thousands of people on this list as "non-patriots."  Add it up.  Louise Mensch is not credible and not a patriot of the US or the UK.  She seems to be taking advantage of the unrest in the U.S. to set herself up as a demagogue -- all knowledgeable, all powerful, and judging all others.  If you ask me (and even if you don't ask me), she is just another Twitter whack job who should be ignored. Better yet, Twitter should ban Louise Mensch because she is engaged in defamation per se against hundreds of thousands of people she has placed on a list that she has labeled as being non-patriots.  

5) Louise Mensch is a goofy bitch.  Enough said.  

Here is a tweet with Louise claiming that the hundreds of thousands of people she has placed on her "list" are involved in "criminal harassment and trolling."  She refers to her fan club as #TeamPatriot.  Sorry, Louise Mensch is more like #TeamUnAmerican

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