5 Things I Like About the Trump Presidency

5 Things I Like About the Trump Presidency
by Susan Basko, Esq.

There are plenty of things I don't like about the Trump presidency, including the way he has sicked ICE on immigrants, his plans to build a wall, and much more.  For now, I set all this aside. 

 This essay is about 5 things I do like about the Trump presidency.

1. Trump is a political outsider.  This gives hope that in the future, the U.S. may choose presidents and other elected officials from outside the field of politics.  Other nations elect leaders who have been teachers, artists, doctors, etc.  Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was formerly a teacher.  The U.S. government has become too bogged down in a repetition of its logic and bureaucracy and a massive, intrusive, heavy government devoid of caring, culture or finesse.   It's time for some fresh air and light and some new faces and new ideas.

2. Trump tweets.  I like that President Trump tweets.  It is obvious he is tweeting his own tweets from his own ideas as he goes about his daily life. I like this.  This has put him in direct immediate contact with the people.  I don't have to like what he tweets; I like that he communicates freely.  I always found State of the Union addresses somber and boring, with their orchestrated applause punctuating words written by speechwriters, honed until they sounded good, while conveying no specific promises.  Now, we get the President's real thoughts, dished up immediately with no filter.  If nothing else, this has gotten a whole lot of people paying attention, all day long, to the President's ideas.

3. Family.  I like that Donald Trump involves his family in his presidency.  He's got some smart people in his family, so why not call upon them?  I like it.

4. Ivanka Trump.  Ivanka is smart, educated, beautiful, and sophisticated.  She has a gorgeous wardrobe.  She has a rich, ethereally handsome husband.  She has an adorable little daughter, Arabella, who can speak a bit of Mandarin, and a charming little son.  Ivanka brought Arabella to watch a session of the U.S. Supreme Court.  That's a mommy who knows her child is not going to make noise or raise a ruckus in a sedate, formal setting.  Ivanka is America's princess.  Her father is wise to have her as his adviser and send her out to represent the U.S.  

5. Tiffany Trump.  She's Trump's daughter by his former wife, Marla Maples.  Tiffany is sexy, gorgeous, and she's in law school. She is dating a smoking hot, super smart man named Ross Mechanic.  This sizzling couple are a people-watcher's dream.

 The Donald -  Calling it as he sees it. 

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