Still Being Cyberstalked - Smear Campaign Ongoing

 Still Being Cyberstalked - Smear Campaign Ongoing

Dear Folks,

Today I have decided to finally address a bit of cyberstalking that I have been dealing with for a few years.  A mentally deranged stalker person(s) has repeatedly posted some lies about me that are supposed to harm my reputation or scare me.  After ignoring this nonsense for several years, I have decided to address it.

The crazed stalker person keeps posting something that is supposed to be an "invoice" from me to a young man for whom I did a small amount of volunteer legal work several years ago.  There is no such invoice.  I have never actually seen what it is that is being passed around, but whatever it is, it is not an invoice.  Aside from which, if I do issue an invoice, that is a private matter between myself and my client, and such a thing would not ever be posted openly on the internet.  Any invoice would be a strictly private matter between me and a client and would not ever be anyone else's business. And, in any case, when I do volunteer work, I would not issue an invoice.

I help many people for free, because I believe in giving back to the community.  Providing a significant number of hours of pro bono service is also a requirement of lawyers in one of the states in which I am licensed.  "Pro bono" is a Latin phrase that means "for good," and I take this call to social justice very seriously. I was raised very strongly with the value of volunteerism and feel it is an integral part of life to help others and give back to the community. I am delighted that I was able to get my law licenses later in life and feel it is a privilege and honor to be able to use my knowledge to do good things to help society.

The person who has posted this imaginary "invoice" has also wound a whole conspiracy theory about it.  According to this person's twisted conspiracy theory, I traded legal services to the young man client in exchange for some sort of "services" from him.  No such thing ever happened.  This is nonsensical lying on the part of the deranged person(s) making up and spreading this story.

This wild conspiracy theory almost makes me laugh, since I am unaware of this young man having any "skills" or "services" that would be of any use or interest to me, having never even met him.  If he were ever nearby in person, perhaps he could wash my dishes or rake my garden?  However, even then, I would never trade my legal services for any such services, just on the principle of it.  When I give legal services for free, which I do very often, there are never any strings attached.  If the person I assist says "Thanks," that warms my heart.  

 While I have barely been in view of this young man client -- I have never met him and we were not even "friends" or "followers" on any social media  -- I am aware that he was trying to build up his life and he made a lot of progress.  Words and phrases like "encourage" and "build up" mean a lot to me.

I want to say to this person who is conducting this smear campaign against me:  Get a life.  Go get mental health care. Get yourself involved in meaningful work.  Do something with your life besides creating outlandish lies about other people. Life is short and you are wasting yours.  If your lies and smear campaign are meant to harden my heart against giving help to those in need -- sorry, you have failed.  Good is always stronger than evil, and you lose out.

If anyone knows exactly who it is that is posting this fake "invoice" or who exactly it is that is telling these lies and conducting this smear campaign against me, please email me to let me know.  I can be reached at SueBaskoMusic(at)   I will then file police and FBI stalking reports against that person(s). I take such things seriously and I report these forms of cyberstalking and harassment.

Thank you.

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