Encyclopedia Dramatica - an international hate machine depriving people of their human rights

Encyclopedia Dramatica - 
an international hate machine depriving people of their human rights
by Susan Basko, esq.

At least once a week, I am contacted by someone whose basic human rights are being trampled on by a group called Encyclopedia Dramatica.  I have had several years to closely examine who and what Encyclopedia Dramatica is and how it works.  Thus, I will share it with you.  My blog tends to get readers from the international law enforcement community looking to understand new sources of crime.  With this blog post, I aim to educate them, too.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has several parts:  

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA WEBSITE: It is a website containing obscenity and lewd content, lies, defamation, and attacks against people. The website is used to uphold crime, to coerce people into participating in crime or to coerce them into silence, to punish people for speaking up against internet crime or against internet criminals, and to extort those who would dare to challenge the hate machine that is Encyclopedia Dramatica.  Since the website gets very strong SEO (search engine optimization), it is a potent tool of hate, crime, extortion, and coercion.  

The Encyclopedia Dramatica website is also a place engaged in revenge pornography.  The revenge pornography of Encyclopedia Dramatica is fierce and violently aggressive.  It is a systematic attempt to destroy the lives of the victims, and has been used to hold the victims in sexual slavery, rather than allowing them to move on with their lives.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a completely non-legit, irresponsible website.  If a person wishes to lodge a complaint, they are directed to a page containing shocking horrific obscenity.  

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA FORUM: Encyclopedia Dramatica also has a forum, where the perverted individuals who take part in Encyclopedia Dramatica crimes and defamation go to share their "friendship," such as it must be, with other like-minded people.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA TWITTER: Encyclopedia Dramatica also has several Twitter accounts.  One of the most active is @EddotSe.  This is the account run by  Chris Jones from Australia, who uses this personal twitter account:  https://twitter.com/koalam8  Looking at the followers of this @EDdotSE Twitter account, one can get a clear picture of what Encyclopedia Dramatica is all about.  There are over 6,000 followers.  Most of them seem to be fake accounts.  Most of the accounts are clearly some or all of these: antisemitic, racist, misogynist, violent, satanic, lurid, disgusting.  There are dozens of follower accounts using the same picture and the name "Die Jews Die."  Another account uses a shockingly violent photo of a murdered woman.  The hate is palpable.  

The few real followers, and the ones I can identify as being real people, are extremely troubled people.  The ones I know of are also members of groups such as Rustle League, the antisemitic hate group with ties to ISIS;   the BWC, a vicious stalking group that harasses the families of young people killed in tragedies; GNAA, a malicious racist hate group;  the McGibney Gang aka Bullyville aka ViaView, Inc, a malicious group that tried to get rich by starting websites that defamed and sexually smeared random victims from the public and then by charging them hundreds of dollars in blackmail or extortion money to remove the posts.  In other words, a collection of the most unsavory people from the internet.   The dregs of humanity.  The worst of the worst. The content of the Encyclopedia Dramatica website reflects the character of the people involved in creating it.

The people that I know of that are involved with Encyclopedia Dramatica are grossly dishonest, reckless liars, desperate for attention and for group acceptance, malicious, vicious.  The people that I know of that are involved in Encyclopedia Dramatica are the worst of the worst -- the most racist, most hateful, most  antisemitic, most dishonest, most malicious, most vicious, and most destructive toward their own lives and toward others.  Many of them consider themselves satanists and/or Nazis, and many of them use Nazi symbolism.  They often issue violent, terrifying death threats.  The posting of horrifyingly violent or sexually crude shocking photos is common among them.  Many of the participants in Encyclopedia Dramatica view themselves as "security researchers," which seems to be the favored self-applied misnomer used by hackers, trolls, and internet fools.

GOATSE AND OTHER OBSCENITY: One of their favorite sets of photos among the  Encyclopedia Dramatica users is the "goatse," which are shocking, obscene close-up photos of a distended anus.  A couple years ago, the Encyclopedia Dramatica novices could be identified on Twitter because they would post the goatse pictures on their Twitter accounts.  It was astonishing to see: young people who did not view themselves as perverse posting horribly depraved photos to identify themselves to their like-minded peer group.  Twitter has since cracked down on the posting of such obscene photos.  Those of us who come from the sort of background where we would have been summarily dismissed from school or from a job for being in any way associated with such a photo find it appalling that young adults who aspire to professional goals would willingly associate their reputations with such repulsive lewdness.  My guess is they don't have jobs or a decent education and either have no relationships or carry on relationships only with crass, crude people from bad backgrounds.

On the Encyclopedia Dramatica website, if you are naive enough to go to the page labelled as a place where one can complain about the site's contents, you will see a shocking display of depraved photos.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA "COMMUNITY": I was told by one of the top Admins of Encyclopedia Dramatica several years ago that the Admins were involved in the sale of meth.  I do not know if that is still the case because that was when online drugs sales were taking place on the dark web.  That same person says he was arrested and is now acting as an informant.  The point here is that there appears to be criminal activities taking place outside of the website.  Whether the drugs sales were or are taking place, I do not know; I assume what was told me was true.


A pending international lawsuit in London, UK, names Brian Zaiger, of Beverly, Massachusetts, as the owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  His name is on the Court papers as the assumed owner.   However, Brian Zaiger has written to me saying he is not the owner, but that the internet user who uses the name "Joseph Evers" is the owner.

I received this note from Brian Zaiger, and am publishing it unedited:

 "I do not now, nor have I ever owned Encyclopedia Dramatica. I was a volunteer administrator until 4 years ago and now the most I do an occasional post on their forum as a regular user and voice for the administrators if they need a message given to the community. Saying that I own Encyclopedia Dramatica is categorically false. You said if I contacted you you would correct your blog post so please do. I don't even know who owns it, a person with the username joseph evers is all I know about him/her. They are not active on the website

Brian Zaiger

BRIAN ZAIGER'S RECENT REDDIT AMA AS THE OWNER OF ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA: Brian Zaiger's involvement with Encyclopedia Dramatica seems quite extensive and quite recent, according to the answers he gave on this Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) which is titled, "IamA - Owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica se." https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4l04nr/iama_owner_of_encyclopedia_dramatica_se/

 If Brian Zaiger is not the owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica, why did he hold an AMA as the OWNER of Encyclopedia Dramatica?  Among other revealing quotes in the Reddit AMA are these:


"I want to make this as clear as possible, I did not create Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED). I was a sysop on the original .com domain from 2007-2010. Afterward I was part of the team that recreated ED at https://encyclopediadramatica.se and I have administrated this website since 2011.
When I say ED I am referring to both of them as a continuous website, some people may have a problem with that but whatever, most people don't.

There were people in the request thread that were there in the first days. I am not trying to steal their thunder, if they want to come in and answer questions or make their own AMA they are more than welcome. The person who owned Encyclopedia Dramatica for the first 5 years purposefully tried to kill it so I am assuming she doesn't want to do it."
* * * *

"Girlvinyl/Sherrod didn't want to do it anymore. She just didn't enjoy it anymore I assume, you would have to ask her. We offered to buy the domain and the files from her but she declined, which is her decision. I hold no ill will against her. There were other sites who were trying to rebuild ED at the time, we were just the only one that survived" (bold added)


"You have no idea how many DMCA requests and frivolous lawlsuit emails we had every day. It was just bad.
Our colos kept dropping us because of complaints.

Honestly, and this is not speaking for gv, just as someone who saw it go down on the server email, I think it was a combo of gv being tired of dealing with insane litigious threats and the fact that we never broke even. It was lose/lose. There was also tons and tons of death threats."

NOTE:  It is highly unlikely that any of the complaints against Encyclopedia Dramatica were "frivolous." The website is obscene, defamatory, and engages in revenge pornography and cyberstalking in virulent forms. No doubt the complaints were valid and the harm being done was very real.

QUESTION ABOUT "JOSEPH EVERS": Is "Joseph Evers" the same person as Twitter user @fuxnet, who also uses the handle "joseph evers"?  @Fuxnet is a man from the area of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  He also uses the name "Jihad."  I know him to be long-time active in the Rustle League.    As of late, the @fuxnet Twitter account has been claiming that people state he is a "Fed," and argues against this.  He also claims "the Feds" tried for three years to charge him with a crime, but failed.  He also is now railing against federal undercover agent Brandon Darby, who is known for infiltrating activist groups in Texas, as well as Darby's friend (now former friend) , the stunningly attractive Cassandra Rules, who was formerly involved as a media activist at protests, but who is now involved in pro-Trump activities.

This is a picture of the Twitter account run by "Joseph Evers" / @fuxnet/ Jihad.  Whether this is the same Joseph Evers who Brian Zaiger states owns Encyclopedia Dramatica or not, I do not know.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA LEGAL HISTORY: The Encyclopedia Dramatica website seems to have a solid, long-standing reputation as being a tool of crime and coercion.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has been named in several federal prosecutions that I am aware of. One of the prosecutors in the federal case against Andrew Aurenheimer mentioned Encyclopedia Dramatica in the sentencing hearing.  He spoke of a man being victimized and his life severely damaged by the revenge porn and defamation posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and how Auernheimer had laughed at the man who was being tormented and victimized.  Thus, it is safe to say that membership or participation in Encyclopedia Dramatica can at least be considered as reason for getting a higher sentence for a crime, even when it is not outright being charged as a crime in itself.

There have also been numerous attempts to close Encyclopedia Dramatica down and at least one of those attempts is said to have resulted in the owner(s) moving the site to a server in a different nation.

At this time, I am aware of one pending international lawsuit for Defamation against the Encyclopedia Dramatica site, owners, and admins, as well as at least one potent criminal complaint pending in a different location on the globe.  The victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica truly are worldwide among the English-speaking portions of the world.  

HOW ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA BILLS ITSELF:  Encyclopedia Dramatica bills itself as "parody," but there is no parody on the site.  The site is hate speech aimed by ugly racists and misogynists at their target victims.  Parody, by definition, must be funny.  If one thinks of violent hate and obscenity that destroys the lives of the victims as "funny," then one might plausibly see Encyclopedia Dramatica as "parody," but then for such a person, all violent hate would be parody. And indeed, with these people, it is.  These people find swastikas a fun ornament.  They like photos of stacks of bodies of victims of the holocaust.  They have many jokes about pushing Jews into ovens.  They post old photos of lynchings of Black men.  Every savage act of inhumanity is "funny."

GOOGLE AS A WEAPON:  The users of Encyclopedia Dramatica use Google as a weapon.  The Encyclopedia Dramatica website gets good SEO, and the Encyclopedia Dramatica hate writings often come up first or very early on in a Google Search. The users of Encyclopedia Dramatica use this to threaten their victims.  

I will share my own experience with this.  I am a lawyer and I was helping out a man who had gotten involved with the Rustle League and subsequently was arrested.  A person using the name Jaime Cochran began threatening me and then posted personal information about me on Doxbin, which was a companion criminal site to Encyclopedia Dramatica.  Doxbin  has since been closed down by Federal agencies.  Posting lies and misinformation about me on Doxbin  was not enough for Jaime Cochran, who proudly claims online to be a troll who harasses people for the "fun" of it.  Jaime Cochran was trying to take over leadership of the Rustle League, a virulently antisemitic hate group with connections to ISIS.    For two years, Jaime Cochran threatened me, harassed me, launched horrific antisemitic taunts at me, and led others in doing so.  Jaime Cochran wrote that the point in harassing me and lying about me was to make the hate group Rustle League "relevant." It makes sense: for a hate group to be "relevant," they must be involved in hateful, deceitful behavior, right?  This was an excellent study in how people who probably consider themselves "normal," would so easily participate in rampant, destructive hate activities to harm others.  Since the connections between Rustle League and ISIS have now been publicly revealed, it appears the Rustle League was meant as a recruitment activity for ISIS, particularly for ISIS hackers or credit fraudsters.  Finally, Jaime Cochran, after failing to get me to acquiesce to the violent antisemitic, menacing behavior of the Rustle League, wrote up and posted an Encyclopedia Dramatica "page" allegedly about me--  nothing but lies and filth and obscenity and more lies.  This is exactly as is done to each of the victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  Then, the other users of Encyclopedia Dramatica, each of them as conscience-less as the next, add more lies, more obscene photoshopped pictures, more defamation.  And this is what is done to each of the victims.

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE VICTIMIZED BY ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA?  I have been contacted by quite a few of the victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  The ones that contacted me are, as you might expect, good, decent people. I think it is the contrast between their goodness and the badness of those involved in Encyclopedia Dramatica that causes the bad ones to want to attack them.  Instead of enjoying things such as intelligence, education, goodness, kindness, the people involved in Encyclopedia Dramatica are involved in hate of all sorts -- hate against women, hate against Jews, hate against Christians, hate against intelligent people, hate against productive people, hate against Blacks and other racial minorities, hate against activists, hate against the peaceful, hate against life itself.  And so they attack all those forms of goodness and try to superimpose their own hate upon it.  The site is a cesspool of violent hate.

In an earlier post, I looked at 5 victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica. CLICK to read about 5 victims.   It is a short study in the types of people victimized by Encyclopedia Dramatica and how the site works to harm and endanger each one of them.  Since that time, I have been contacted by many other victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica.  The site and the group of people are truly dangerous, causing major harm to the victims.  Most of the "members" of Encyclopedia Dramatica appear to be along the lines of psychopathic, so they actually enjoy harming others. If it were enough for the victims to say "Please stop," - but that is not how psychopaths work.  And with Encyclopedia Dramatica, you have a group of psychopaths all egging each other on and giving each other praise for their wicked acts.

REPUTATION ASSASSINATION: I don't think the notion is passé that if you come from a good background or have a good education that you do not willingly associate your reputation with filth. And that is the deepest wrong of a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica - that it allows the perverted users of Encyclopedia Dramatica to impose their filth onto the reputations of their victims!  If  Jaime Cochran and Chris Jones and Steve Hatelstad and all the other twisted perverts from Encyclopedia Dramatica all wanted to sully their own reputations with smut - go ahead. But when they are imposing their lewdness, their hate, their lies, their filth -- onto my reputation -- that is not right.  That is why I am bravely speaking up against this extreme form of character assassination in which they systematically engage. Luckily, I have no nudes or sex pictures floating around the internet.  But that did not stop these evil people from creating some!  They use photoshop as their weapons.  

HOW ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA IS USED TO DENY PEOPLE THEIR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS: This weekend, I personally experienced a perfect example of this.  This is first hand, first person, as I am the victim.  A man named Steven Hatlestad of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, USA, engages in the rampant creation of defamation against many people and groups.  Steven Hatlestad goes by the names Zileohai and IronTroll.  He makes up tons of lies and mockery and hate about lots and lots of people and organizations.  He photoshops pictures of his victims' faces onto his lurid, mocking, sickening pictures. In other words, Steven Hatelstad is a liar and a one-man hate machine.  The garbage he creates is posted on his own perverse websites and is also used by like-minded haters and liars on their own sites and twitters. One might say Steven Hatlestad is a "content creator" for defamation websites.

This weekend, I put in several complaints to Blogger about the hateful, deceitful, harassing content that Steven Hatelstad had posted that was "about" me. The lies and attacks against me by Steven Hatlestad, Chris Jones, and Encyclopedia Dramatica were all based on a blog post I made that showed photos taken by Google maps that showed a homeless tent community under an overpass in Los Angeles.  CLICK TO SEE THE BLOG POST.  These demented individuals then made up tons of lies and attacks that this blog post meant I hate the homeless. Nowhere on this blog post is any such thing said or implied -- the hate for the homeless come ONLY from the minds and hearts of Steven Hatlestad, Chris Jones, and Encyclopedia Dramatica. They are so fearful and hateful that they must project their own hate and fear of the homeless on to me.  

The deceitful material posted by Steve Hatlestad allegedly "about" me hating the homeless was horrendously abusive upon first glance, so I suppose Blogger removed it immediately.   This put Steven Hatlestat into a fury and he began to tweet lies and links to several known haters, including the aforementioned Admin at Encyclopedia Dramatica.  That is a practice I have seen numerous times - when a harassing, criminal-minded person wants to stalk others, they will call upon Encyclopedia Dramatica (or @YourAnonNews) to assist them in spreading the lies about the victim.  That Encyclopedia Dramatica Admin then posted a series of lies at http://www.twitter.com/EDdotSe, which is run by likeIcare, aka Chris Jones, of Australia.

The lies told by both Steven Hatlestad and Chris Jones (likeicare, @EDdotSE) were that I hate homeless people, had done something to harm homeless people, etc.  Of course, there is absolutely nothing at all like this in the blog post that was the subject of their lies against me. You can read the BLOG POST HERE.  It is irrational:  If I hated the homeless, why would I be calling attention to their plight?   This was simply an occasion for Steve Hatlestad, Chris Jones, and the people of Encyclopedia Dramatica to spew more of their hate at me, as well as at the homeless.

 And of course, anyone that knows me knows that I have a decades-long history of bringing food, blankets and other items to the homeless and even of inviting homeless people in to share my housing.  Anyone that knows me knows I have been known to actually chase people down the street to give them $10 to buy food if they look like they need it.  Anyone that knows me knows that if a person who looks hungry asks me for a dollar, I give five.  Anyone that knows me knows I am the one that jumps up on the bus when someone cannot pay their fare and says I will click them through on my fare card.  And anyone who knows me also knows I can barely afford to do these things. I do not write these things to "brag" or to build myself up, but to show the astonishingly malignant dishonesty of both Steven Hatlestad and Chris Jones/ likeicare/ @EDdotSE.  Caring for others is a deeply ingrained part of my lifelong habits, so to read the baseless lies of these two bad men was really bothersome.  These two bad men were projecting their hate of the homeless onto me, a place where it most certainly does not belong.  It is their hate, their hate as part of a hate network on the internet, and they play it out on their victims.  If they could so blatantly and shockingly lie about me to harm me, they could lie to harm anyone -- and they do!  They do lie about others -- all day every day!!

The @EDdotSE tweets of hate also mentioned an earlier smear campaign conducted against me that claimed I hate autistic people. As most people know, I have expended a huge amount of my time, effort and money to help individuals with autism who have run afoul of the law.   The person who made up the lies about me "hating' autistic people was projecting her own hate of them onto me.  She made up words and pretended they were my words. Others involved in the internet network of lies and hate then fed on the words -- and that includes people from all the well-known hate networks, including Encyclopedia Dramatica, Rustle League, the McGibney Gang, and some disturbed individuals.  The EXACT SAME thing was happening yesterday, as the malicious haters who follow @EDdotSE were repeating his lies and embellishing upon them.  His lying tweets were retweeted many times -- though, to be honest, most of the followers and most of the retweeters are all fake accounts.  I would rather have one genuinely good, intelligent person "like" one of my tweets than have 15 haters and fools and fake accounts retweet it.  

Anyone of any amount of intelligence could easily see that the things being written by Steve Hatlestad and Encyclopedia Dramatica and other liars simply is not true --  but most people do not even bother to take the time and simply repeat lies they read.  Also, the copious use of Photoshop by hate machines such as Steven Hatlestad, Encyclopedia Dramatica, the McGibney Gang, Rustle League, and other systematically deceitful people makes it nearly impossible to tell what is fact and what is fiction.  It could be argued that no decent human would read anything written by any of the hate machines, but Google is their weapon.  People google and land on garbage created by one of these intentionally deceitful people, whose intention is to create defamation and put it into targeted circulation via strong SEO on Google search.

A person's reputation is a basic human right.  To have bad people routinely lying and defaming others for "fun" is shocking.  This is a basic downfall of civilization.  You can go on Encyclopedia Dramatica and see who is participating in writing the lies about the victims.  You can even read the forum filled with hate speech toward the victims.  When I have spoken with victims, they are always someone who is trying to escape the abuse or sexual or criminal coercion by the person who uses Encyclopedia Dramatica as a weapon. I know, the exact same has happened to me.  

Then, as if all those lies and all that hate were not enough -- @EDdotSe tweeted a link to a shockingly violent death threat video against me by name that referenced that I would be killed by the Rustle League-- the group to which the hate-filled stalker Jaime Cochran belongs, the group connected with ISIS.  Am I terrorized by having my life threatened by the horrible people of ISIS, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Rustle League?  Of course.   Their goal is to terrorize good people and they are damn good at it.

SOCIAL DAMAGE OF REPUTATION ASSASSINATION:  When people like Steven Hatlestad and the Hate Squad of Encyclopedia Dramatica are allowed to rampantly lie about a person, this creates social damage. How, you might ask.

CASE STUDY: SMEAR CAMPAIGN:  Let's look at a case study, again involving my own personal experience.  A few years ago, I was attacked online by a long-time serial defamation artist (a person who uses the name Liz Ditz), who created the ugly fantasy that I hated people with autism.  In reality, of course, I have spent (and spend) a huge amount of my time and professional resources assisting those with autism who have run afoul of the law.  At the time I was attacked, I did not realize that this "Liz Ditz" person was a serial defamation artist, and only found out a bit later when I found other victims against whom she conducted a defamation/ smear campaign by email for six years. Yes -- six long years of a targeted defamation smear campaign!  That defamation campaign was aimed at a professional Disaster Recovery group.  That was a group located in Canada that went to the scene of disasters worldwide, such as earthquakes, to engage in the harsh task of digging through the rubble to free the living and to recover the bodies of the dead.   In that smear campaign, Liz Ditz posed herself as somehow having more information about disaster recovery than the dedicated, hard-working people who actually had done that work professionally for decades.  She, who had never been involved in any way in disaster recovery, posed herself as an expert authority in that field. By her extreme, hardcore, relentless smear campaign that she conducted for over 6 years, she was able to affect the funding of the group such that they were no longer able to work in disaster recovery missions.

DETAILS of the SMEAR CAMPAIGN: What happened, exactly, was this:  A man from Canada ran a Disaster Recovery group that existed on donations -- like most such groups.  When there was a disaster anywhere in the world that involved collapsed buildings, his group went to the scene and dug in the rubble to free those who were trapped, but alive, and to dig out the bodies of those who had died.  After decades of doing this sort of work, the man had noticed that the people he found alive in the rubble were often in similar situations, where they were in a space that was triangle-shaped, with one side of the triangle being a strong object that provided protection so the person was not crushed and that provided a pocket of air to breathe, even beneath rubble.   He called this life-saving phenomenon "The Triangle of Life."  He presented his findings to the public.  His findings were based on first-hand observation at many disasters, over many years, worldwide.  Then Liz Ditz, who is not known to have any credentials whatever in recovery operations, nor any credentials in building, engineering, architecture, design, medicine, EMT, or first responder science -- decided she knew better about disaster recovery than the experts and launched upon a massive, hateful, six-year smear campaign against the man and his findings.  At the time, the main method for such a smear campaign was chain emails that were sent to one person with the request that the person forward it to those on their contact lists.  Mindless people were known to forward such tripe.  I received it, read it, and easily saw the email for the smear campaign that it was.  The massive smear campaign destroyed the man's organization, which is what Liz Ditz meant for her smear campaign to do.  An even sadder part is that a valuable observation made by a person with hands-on experience was discredited and mocked by a person with no experience or credentials.

Years later, when I realized that this Liz Ditz person who was attacking me had also conducted the massive smear campaign against the Disaster Recovery group, I easily remembered that, years earlier,  I had been the recipient of one of the emails she had created against the group. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would one day be the target of the same defamation artist.  At the time I received the email, I found it slick but utterly deceitful. I saw it as a blatant series of lies and smears meant to harm an organization.  To me, it was obvious, but I am trained in creating media and in recognizing propaganda and smear campaigns.  To the unwary or naive reader, the email campaign could easily have sounded convincing.  One might have asked why a woman with no credentials was conducting a campaign to discredit a Disaster Recovery group.

Note that in the years since that smear campaign conducted by Liz Ditz against that Disaster Recovery group, internet usage and social media usage have become much more widespread.  We now see a steady stream of self-proclaimed experts, usually with no experience and no credentials, who did not witness or participate in an event, stating about current news stories that the zookeepers did not need to shoot the gorilla, that the police should have stormed the Orlando nightclub, or that a school shooting was a government hoax, etc.  Nowadays, most people are smart and wise enough to brush off this sort of talk as so much venting of hot air.  Back when Liz Ditz engaged in her giant smear campaign against the Disaster helpers, many people were not yet cued in on how to spot such nonsense and avoid it.

   In the Liz Ditz defamation campaign against me saying I hate autistic people, Liz Ditz spread her lies around and they were also spread by Encyclopedia Dramatica and by several severely disturbed individuals. Ditz also augmented her defamation campaign with a flurry of fake Twitter profiles and fake Facebook personas.  (It was fun to keep track of the fake personas and watch over the months how they changed their photos and identities to seem plausible for each new defamation campaign.  It was easy to guess who the current targets were of the smear campaigns by who the fake personas were at that time.)  In reality, I have spent (and continue to spend) a huge amount of effort helping those with autism who have run afoul of the law.  The parents of people I have assisted have seen Liz Ditz's lies online and they do comment to me about them, wondering why she is allowed to spread her lies and hate on the internet.

Note: I was recently informed that the man who was apparently funding the Liz Ditz hate campaigns died about 6 months ago, presumably cutting off that funding.

NOW THIS IS THE REALLY SAD DAMAGE:  Several times, when we have needed people from the autism community to come and testify or to assist -- they have refused, fearful that they would also be attacked and defamed  --  that their actions would be twisted and lied about by Liz Ditz or other disturbed people, and that their reputations would be harmed.  They do not want to face the harassment campaigns.  The news of Liz Ditz and her hate machine had spread throughout the autism community and everyone was fearful.  Thus, people who so desperately needed someone to testify or to act as a court liaison on their behalf have gone without that crucial help.   This seems to be the point of defamation/ smear campaigns against those of us actually doing the hard work of helping others in difficult situations  -- to harm or stop our hard work and to prevent those needing assistance from getting any help.  I do not understand the motivation, but it seems to be a diabolical need to keep others from doing good works.

Will people read the actual blog post I created and see that I have tried to call attention to the plight of those who live on the streets?  Or will they merely read the hate-filled lies told by Steve Hatlestad, Chris Jones and fail to go to the source?  Will they see that a major smear campaign was conducted against me for doing good, conducted by Steven Hatlestad and Chris Jones and the members and followers of Encyclopedia Dramatica?  Will people be afraid to speak out and to help the homeless, because they have watched me being shockingly defamed, lied about, tormented, and taunted for doing so?  These are real cause and effect situations.   I have brought blankets and food and opened my door to the homeless.  Will others refuse to help because a smear campaign will ensue?  Hate causes an aura of fear.  How many will read the hateful lies about me on Encyclopedia Dramatica and think, "I better not help.  I am not strong enough to face all that hate like she has. I don't want to be lied about and publicly taunted."  And why should such a hate campaign be accepted as the "just rewards" for those of us who stick out our necks to help those in need??

As for me personally, I have grown accustomed to the fact that when doing good works, there are always some wicked haters who lurk around trying to stop the good.  It just is.  I don't understand the mindset, but I recognize its existence.  For the haters, it is easier to sit around and spew their  hate than it is to do something constructive.

And the bottom line is - WHY do Steve Hatlestad and the people of Encyclopedia Dramatica hate the homeless so much that they attack and lie about  those of us who call attention to the plight of the homeless? Are Steve Hatlestad and Chris Jones and the others of Encyclopedia Dramatica so cozy and assured that they will never be homeless and never need a blanket or a meal?  What is source of their meanness toward the homeless and those who would dare to help them?

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT -- that is what it is like for one afternoon of having my human rights violated by the scum of the internet.  People experience this abuse each day, and many of them contact me.  I can say that "something" needs to be done, and many arrests have been made.  I think it would be helpful to have a concerted effort of education by good people to show young new internet users that being involved in abuse and hate groups is the wrong choice.   Companies like Twitter need to see that rolling out the welcome mat for noxious racists and antisemites and people that stalk and mock and harass women is not good business. They don't see it yet because it has not yet hit them in the bank account.  Twitter does not properly enforce its own weak Terms of Service.  And once an account is "suspended" from Twitter, the user makes a new account.  That is also against the Twitter Terms of Service, but Twitter does nothing.  Twitter could be taking repeat abusers to court to ban them from the site.   Laws that have recently been enacted to punish revenge porn need to be rewritten to include all predatory websites.  Police departments need cyber units, since the internet is not going to disappear.   

WILL ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA BE CLOSED DOWN?  My opinion is that it should have been closed down long ago. It is criminal on so many levels.  There is material that is obscenity as a matter of law on the site. (That is to say, sometimes "obscenity" is determined by a local standard, but with some categories, it is obscenity per se.  Photos often associated with those who use Encyclopedia Dramatica include such things as peoples' faces covered in feces, distended anuses with objects in them, and other such pictures that are obscenity per se. Penetration, bodily fluids, and other categories are considered obscenity in all instances.)  No normal person wants their name or reputation tangled up with obscenity, and yet that is exactly what Encyclopedia Dramatica does to its victims.  Encyclopedia Dramatica connects the name, photos, and reputation of hundreds of innocent victims up with the shocking obscenity that suits the tastes of the "members" of the website.   And this is extraordinarily wrong and a violation of the basic human rights of the victims of the site.    The victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica have their names and photos and reputations destroyed, and that is the point of the site.  The site has revenge porn.  The site is loaded with lies, defamation, mockery, hate speech, intentional destruction of reputations.  The site is used to coerce, extort, and blackmail.  It is a website of hate for haters, meant for only the purpose of harming the victims who have fallen prey to the very bad people who are "members" of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

That being said, why is the site still going?  Doxbin, a site closely linked to Encyclopedia Dramatica at least as far as having the same set of users, was closed down by Federal agencies and many assume the people who ran and owned the site will be indicted.  There are complaints against Encyclopedia Dramatica to law enforcement agencies that I know of that are pending. Hopefully, one of those will result in the arrest of those running the site or in the closing of the site.  My guess is the time is coming soon.

Now, let me be honest here. I think a major reason why Encyclopedia Dramatica has not yet been closed down is that the victims are individuals and the FBI and other agencies tend to care mainly about corporations.  Matthew Keys was prosecuted and faces 2 years in prison for an act that resulted in a few words on a corporation's website being changed for 20 minutes.   Encyclopedia Dramatica destroys the lives and livelihood and well-being of many individuals.  Which is the more serious wrong?  Why did the FBI expend so much effort on Matthew Keys but has thus far not assisted the many victims whose lives have actually been destroyed by Encyclopedia Dramatica?  It is because the "victim" in one is a corporation and in the other, the many victims are real people.

Another reason is that most of the victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica are women who are being victimized by men. The FBI and other police agencies tend to show a marked lack of concern for women victims.

 Will the victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica ever be freed from this harm?  One victim recently sued, and some of the most horrific lies about him were removed off the site.  Why not remove all the lies and all the smears aimed at all the victims?   Why not remove all the names of all the victims so their reputations are not damaged by being associated with the filth that is enjoyed by the perverse "members" of Encyclopedia Dramatica?  That filth may be your level of morality, but it is not mine.  

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