Encyclopedia Dramatica in the Royal Court of Justice

Royal Court of Justice, London 
Encyclopedia Dramatica in the Royal Court of Justice
by Susan Basko, esq.

UPDATE: JULY 17, 2016:  This is a link to the judgement rendered in this case:

Tomorrow, Friday, July 8, 2016, a cause is being brought in the Royal Court of Justice in London, UK, against the owners and administrators of the website Encyclopedia Dramatica as persons unknown. The cause is also against the online persona Kiwi Dynastia.  The cause is brought by Samuel Collingwood Smith for defamation.  Mr. Smith is asking for a permanent 'stay' with 'leave to reinstate' against those running Encyclopedia Dramatica on the basis that they have cooperated in removing parts of the defamation. The application for the stay against Encyclopedia Dramatica asks that it be made active if the site ever again posts defamation against Mr. Smith.  He is asking for judgement against Kiwi Dynastia.

 Mr. Sam Smith is an IT professional and law student in London.  He has been a McKenzie Friend, a person who asks the court on a case by case basis to assist a person in court.  He has assisted in many causes for those in need.  He has been praised by members of Parliament.

This particular cause is brought to protect Mr. Smith's reputation from the reckless defamation that is rife on the Encyclopedia Dramatica website. The website is a well-known cesspool of defamation, invasions of privacy, obscenity, and revenge pornography.  The site attracts the internet's worst people, because the site promotes and protects all manner of internet harm, allowing the users to post cyberstalking, cyberharassment, vicious attacks against women, and revenge pornography.  

The Encyclopedia Dramatica website has thus far avoided being closed down by law enforcement.  The website's owners, administrators, and participants are thus far free.  This cause in the London court uses a new change in the UK law that allows unknown persons from the internet to be summoned into court.  This has the potential for allowing justice for the victims of such malicious websites as Encyclopedia Dramatica.  As such, that which appears to be a simple case in the Royal Court of Justice may prove a turning point for those in the UK who have been unable to get justice or redress for wrongs being committed on the internet.

The cause, entitled Smith v Unknown Persons, is scheduled for Court 37 before Mr. Justice Green at 10:30 am or thereafter. 

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