Rustle League, Doxbin, and Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks

Rustle League, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Doxbin 
their attacks against me, in a nutshell
By Susan Basko

Note: If any journalists wish to cover this story, I have vast amounts of evidence of all I am writing about, including thousands of screen shots, pictures, recordings, videos, and more. I can also provide the names and other info on many of the perpetrators.  I may also begin releasing some of the evidence so the public can see how real and how dangerous these people are. 

Also: Please read Human Rights Defenders' Risks to understand that the attacks against me are part of a worldwide pattern of attacks that are launched against those of us who defend Human Rights, to discredit, denigrate, and discourage us from our important work.  This risk is something the Human Rights group in OSCE is working on now. 

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For nearly two years, I've been writing about how I am being attacked by malicious cyberstalkers.  With this blog post, I hope to explain it quickly.

First, it helps to understand me.  I am a very positive, "bright side of life" type of person. I do not smoke, drink alcohol very slightly, and don't use any illegal drugs.  I have never been drunk in my life. I have never been arrested.  I have never been in trouble of any sort. I was an Illinois State Scholar, a National Merit Student, and was offered lots of college scholarships.  I went to my choice of colleges and studied exactly what I wanted.  I earned a B.A. in Film and Video (Columbia College) and was given a lot of credit hours for my real-life professional work producing and directing television shows.  Later, I also went to law school and earned a Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude. That means a doctorate of law degree with great honors. I also completed all the courses I'd need to get a Masters in Mass Communication Media Arts, studying mostly media law and investigative journalism, and also digital production.  I am a lawyer licensed in 2 states, California and Illinois (USA). I love completing Continuing Legal Education and have taken many courses in such topics as computer law, computer forensics, social media law, music law, internet start-ups, and many more.  My legal work is about computer law, internet start-ups, music, film, video, writers, designers, music festivals, and other creative people.  I was invited to attend international meetings of OSCE in Vienna on Human Rights in Freedoms of Assembly and Speech.  At the meetings, we representatives from about 60 nations gave legislative recommendations to the member nations on improving human rights.

I have made TV, but I don't watch it. I don't watch television or listen to commercial radio.  These things are not part of my life. I do not watch anything with violent content and never have in my entire life.  I also do not watch porn of any kind, and never have.  I consider it immoral to look at porn or violence, because we should be sacred about what we put into our heads.  My head is only a place for goodness.

Think of a goody-two-shoes girl raised in Catholic schools, who is now a woman. That is me.  I pray and often offer prayers for others. It is very common for me to tweet or post on facebook asking people to pray for something.  I volunteer my time often, I respect others, I don't do anything questionable, I'd never get a tattoo, I love my family, I eat lots of vegetables, I've never smoked a cigarette.  I love babies.  I feed the birds and little animals outside.  I try to own as little as possible, because I think that is a better way of life.  Being outside in nature is my richness.

I have wonderfully close relations with my immediate family.  We love each other dearly and can talk for hours.  I feel extremely blessed to have such good people in my life.

I have been given a lot of brains and talent, and I believe in using those things for good.  I feel blessed that I was able to go to school to become a lawyer.  I give a lot of my legal help to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

So, that is what I am all about.  Now, here is what was done to me by the attackers:

RUSTLE LEAGUE:  ABOUT 16 months ago, I gave some of my time and expertise to a man who needed it.  He was arrested while mentally ill and he and his family needed information and assistance. I helped them.  The group known as the Rustle League, which is a vulgar hate group, knew of the man, and began attacking me nonstop online.  Their attacks against me have been ongoing, basically nonstop for 16 months.

When the attacks first began, I had no clue who any of the attackers were. Since then, I have come to know the identities of many of them.  These are not people with whom I have had any dealings. They are just deranged, sociopathic people, formed into an online group.  The depth of their depravity becomes apparent when you see the masses of evidence.  They hold a type of malicious racism and antisemitism that I thought had long ago disappeared from society. I am continually shocked to see their displays of the most vicious, repugnant forms of racial hate, of the sort I associate with the KKK or with the days of Nazi Germany.  Their racism, combined with their obscenity and vulgarity, along with their violence, utterly repulses me, and rightly so.  I would never want to become entangled with such people or their doings.    

The Rustle Leaguers attacks against me have included, among many other things: Death threats, a bomb threat, terrorizing phone calls, thousands of vile antisemitic tweets,  vile, vulgar obscene pictures created using my nice photos.  Disgusting death threat videos.  Defamatory vulgar videos. Disgusting impersonation twitter accounts and facebook accounts.  Those accounts were usually shockingly racist and vulgar.  Posting hundreds of defamatory lies. Posting impersonation blog posts and tweets, as if me.  Creating plans to kill schoolchildren and putting my name and photo on them. These death threats against children were not a one time thing, but continued on for several weeks.   Posting dozens of entirely false statements accusing me of terrible crimes.  Hacking my accounts.  Stealing my identity.  Posting information "about" me to make me vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, stalking, rape and murder.  Posting my personal info with threats to steal from me.  Thievery of my paid accounts.  Harassment, such as placing malware onto my locked twitter account so I was unable to block their accounts.  Sneaking onto my locked twitter account and retweeting my tweets but with changed wording or out of context, this having been done thousands of times.  Impersonating me on websites, on OkCupid (which of course I don't belong to), creating a fake legal study in my name,  creating fake accounts and harassing others in my name.  Spamming my emails with hundreds of thousands of spam. Using big twitter accounts to post threats and attacks at me.  Posting hundreds of lies about me as if they were facts.  Denigrating my work as a lawyer, though my clients love me and my work.  Posting that I am "not a real lawyer," though this is, of course, ludicrous and malicious.   Holding radio shows specifically to mock me.  Creating memes and pictures that mock me, that lie and are defamatory.  Attacking my legal clients and posting lies about them.  Using a variety of websites to post lies about me and about my clients.  Stalking my clients through their phones.  Creating impersonation email accounts and sending emails in the names of my clients and others.  Applying for credit in my name. Posting my name as their lawyer, along with horrifying racist statements, to make it appear as if I would say such sick things.  Creating defamatory, mocking, hateful "rap" songs using my name and posting these on Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.   And on and on. There is much more.

For many months, the attacks were ongoing, 24/7, with many things going on at once.  There are many in the group, many associates, and their stunning hate spurred them to spend a great deal of their time focusing their energy on stalking me.  It has been a massive barrage of nonstop, misplaced hate.

Imagine having 30 or so people, each of whom is deeply malicious, each spending plenty of hours each day to create songs and videos, create impersonation accounts, posting lies, using my photos to create lying, mocking, defamatory items, to tweet antisemitic hate tweets, to plan radio shows where the one of the show topics is to spew hate at me.  And these "hate elves" are all busy working at this, every day.  This seems almost impossible.  But this is what was done and I have the evidence to prove it.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA: As part of the Rustle League attacks against me, some of the members threatened to put my name on Encyclopedia Dramatica. This is a horrifically obscene, disgusting website that is used by sociopaths to harm their victims. The sociopaths use the site, which I have found out is run by even more twisted sociopaths, to post lies, defamation, false light, and other violations against the victims.  All of this is illegal and criminal under many laws,  including federal and various state laws.  The sociopaths that run Encyclopedia Dramatica refer all complainants to a page that contains shocking, horrific obscene images.  That also is illegal, a crime, to post such photos. It is also a crime to post anyone's photo or name on such an obscene site, unless the person gives permission. The entire Encyclopedia Dramatica website is one big crime scene with hundreds of innocent victims.  (Don't visit the site. It immediately begins to download malware onto your computer.  You'll have to quickly power down to detach the applications and the download. )

Encyclopedia Dramatica is run and used by the most depraved people imaginable, who use it to extort, threaten, coerce, punish, defame, ridicule, humiliate, control, damage the reputations of, demand money from, and severely damage the lives and businesses of the victims.  Since the users of Encyclopedia Dramatica are so enmeshed in deep evil, they seem to often choose victims who are their opposites. The victims I know of tend to be smart, nice, good people.  It seems to be the dark depravity of those who use and run Encyclopedia Dramatica that "attracts" them to destroy the good that is in others.

My name and a page of vile defamation and cyberharassment was posted onto Encyclopedia Dramatica by the sociopaths from the site.  First, two of these psychos contacted me by email, with extortion threats. They then posted their lies and my name and photos on the site, and refused to remove it even though they were told to and also told it is criminal for them to do this.  Also, they sent me a very detailed death threat.  They also posted defamation elsewhere, made numerous threats, and made money demands.  The death threat, extortion, money demands, posting malicious stuff to cyberstalk - these are all crimes.

I have repeatedly contacted Brian Zaiger (who has claimed to be the World Administrator of Encyclopedia Dramatica,  as well as being a Rustle League member and member of GNAA, another shockingly racist group),  and @Ed_Updates, the twitter account connected to Encyclopedia Dramatica, and have very publicly told them they are required to remove my name and all mention of me and all photos of me from their disgusting, obscene website.  I have sent them VERY clear legal notices stating they are required to remove all mention of my name, information and photos from their horrifying website. Rather than comply with the law, and with common decency, they mock, belittle the extreme damage, and send armies of more sociopaths and sock puppets to post more defamation, more extreme lies, more of their sick, twisted excuses.

Rather obviously, I do not share the beliefs or values of the destructive cult of sociopaths that run and use Encyclopedia Dramatica.  I find their antisemitism and racism abhorrent.  I find their lies and manipulation repugnant. I find the way they damage their victims, their extortion and threats and constant posting of lies about their victims to be deeply immoral.

DOXBIN:  Doxbin is a criminal site in which criminal perpetrators are allowed to place the personal information of the victims onto the site. The info is also place on tor.  The info includes such things as name, address, social security number, bank account numbers, and much more. The purpose is to make the victims vulnerable to theft, identity theft, stalking, rape, and murder.  The site promotes and enables serious crimes and terrorism by providing false identity and personal information of real people.

My information was placed on Doxbin by the criminal stalkers of Rustle League. There is a IRC chat log in which they can be seen doing so, and it is clear which Rustle League members are doing what in committing these crimes.

Months later, I was contacted by 2 sociopaths from Doxbin and Encyclopedia Dramatica. They threatened me, extorted me, sent a very detailed death threat, posted defamation in several internet locations, made numerous money demands to remove the defamation, and on and on.  They said they were putting my name on a "proscription list" so that more criminals and terrorists would steal my identity and/ or attack me.

UPSHOT:  These attackers have harmed me deeply and in ways that will never be repaired.  They have stolen nearly two years of my life.  They have harmed my health beyond repair.   They have harmed several of my legal clients.  They have posted hundreds of extremely damaging lies to harm my reputation and dignity for years to come. They have adamantly refused to remove  my name and pictures and all the filth they have posted.  They have not owned up and given me the names of those whose identities are not yet known to me.   There is only one of them who has apologized.  The others continue on with mockery, hate, stalking, attacks on my dignity and human rights.  

THEN, REALIZE THERE ARE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF VICTIMS of these same predators.  They have maliciously attacked victim after victim, I am told, for over 20 years. They keep drawing in new recruits to man the sites and take over as chief predators.   As each new recruit is drawn in, it appears they are given criminal tasks to perform, so they are indelibly linked to the group and cannot escape.  Those trying to leave the group are coerced by being stalked and humiliated.  

I want people to know that serious racism and antisemitism are on the rise in the US and that it is masquerading as cool, hip, fun. 

Keep in mind, these are not people I've had any dealings with. They chose to attack me because they found it fun to attack an innocent victim.  They have attacked many others before and since.  Encyclopedia Dramatica has a whole roster of hundreds of victims, many harmed far greater than I have been.  Doxbin has tens of thousands of victims.   Please speak up if you care.  

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