Are You a Rustle League Victim?

Are You a Rustle League Victim?

We are looking for people who are or have been victims of the Rustle League, to possibly join in a complaint(s) with other victims or simply to compare experiences.   Some of us have been comparing already and find that our experiences are so overwhelming, we have been washed over by waves of crime and abuse by this strange group of racists.

If you are or think you may be a victim of this group, please email to Your information will be kept confidential until if, when, and how you want to reveal it, to the extent that is allowed by law.  Lawful subpoenas or warrants from law enforcement agencies that demand the information will be obeyed.

Gathering Evidence: Try to get screenshots (grabs) or pdfs, phone recordings, chat logs, emails, copies of Twitter Abuse reports, copies of FBI reports and police reports, and any other type of evidence you can gather.  

The Rustle League is a cyberterror gang that does things both online and off.  They front as a "troll group," and pretend that their actions and crimes are "funny" or are "rustling jimmies." The Rustle League is a racist hate group and their main hate targets are Jews.  Some of the members are known or said to have criminal backgrounds and/or backgrounds in credit card or financial fraud, swatting, etc.  Some of them consider themselves "security" or "infosec" or "social engineers."   There is a group of members, other followers, and some imitators.  If you have been a victim of any of the things listed below, it might be the Rustle League or their followers or imitators. Let's compare notes and see.  Usually you'll know if it's them.

The Rustle League is known to have members or followers in many areas, including, but not limited to, several locations in California, New York, Chicago, Missouri, Florida, Idaho,  the UK.   There may be many other locations.  Some of the followers front as being part of Anonymous or part of Occupy.  Most of them use fake names.  Many of them have Twitter accounts.  Many of them have multiple or many Twitter accounts.

As a disclaimer, I must state that I personally have been a victim of the Rustle League, their followers, and their imitators, for about 4 months now.  They have committed an incredible string of crimes against me. I thought I had seen everything, until I started to compare with other Rustle League victims.  The crimes are very serious, the people are extremely dangerous.  DO NOT try to deal with them on your own without the help of law enforcement.

Right now, there is a solid group of victims  who have had a wide variety of criminal type acts committed upon them.  If you are a victim, you are not alone.  So please, be in contact.

Under California's new cyberstalker law, repeat unwanted contacts online are illegal.  Impostor accounts or using someone else's name online for such purposes is illegal.  There are many other laws that make death threats, bomb threats, harassment, stalking, swatting, etc., illegal.

If someone is bothering you for their own amusement, you should question if that person is part of the Rustle League, or is some other nuisance person or criminal.  Please be in contact if you want to discuss.  DO NOT LISTEN to anyone else who is not a victim of the Rustle League (or other cyberterror group)  tell you that it is okay for you to be attacked. It isn't okay.

"This is all so crazy, it is hard for others to understand or believe." That is what several victims have said of the all-encompassing, overwhelming crime waves against them by the Rustle League.  If you are a victim, come share with us, we understand.

WHAT RUSTLE LEAGUE (RL) DOES:  The actions we know about include, in order of severity, although the least severe are still very harmful.  The list basically goes from "Terrible" to "More terrible."  Please contact us to let us know if they have done other  things to you that are not on the list:

1. Having someone post tweets at you calling you "crazy" or "insane."  Posting that you are an "aspie," that you "should take meds," that you are "ugly,"  etc.  This is a Rustle League stock way to harass and defame. ( Other cyberterror gangs do the same. )   This is supposed to break you down so you feel you are deserving of ill treatment, and is supposed to negate you as a human in the eyes of the abuser, so that they feel like it is okay to victimize you.  This is how the RL have started many of their attacks, which escalate quickly.  If this is happening, you can be pretty sure you are about to be pounced on by an online gang of some sort. Reacting quickly and firmly with reports to the Social Media company and/or to police, can possibly help stem the acts from escalating.

2. Having people doing mean or strange things to you online and then posting things about "jimmies" being "rustled." This is the Rustle League way of laughing at their own crimes. Their crimes are not funny and not jokes, and you can and should report them.

3. Having someone go into your locked Twitter account and retweet out your tweets.

4. Having tweets from your locked account appear posted by people who are blocked from your account.   Having someone "seeing" tweets in your locked account, reading your private emails and talking about them, and other such creepy surveillance techniques that seem like the person is hacking your account, using  keystroke recorder or otherwise invading your privacy.

5. Having people whom you have blocked or who you do not know posting tweets at you or about you.  Having people you have never met, or sock puppet accounts, posting insults or derisive tweets at or about you.

6. Have people DM with you and then post the DMs elsewhere, so private conversations are made public.

7. Have people post your private emails elsewhere.  This is illegal unless they have your permission.

8. Having people record phone calls without your permission. This is illegal in most states.

9. Getting strange or threatening emails.

10. Having anyone post your personal information online, such as "doxing" you.

11. Having anyone posting your IP address online.

12. Having anyone posting your Social Security Number online.

13. Having anyone threatening to post any personal information online.

14. Having anyone posting a link to any personal information, photo, or anything else that  you do not want to have posted.

15. Any sort of fraud or financial or other theft.

16. Posting that they are going to get "get (your) Jew gold." This is one of the Rustle League themes.

17. Posting racist comments.  Posting anti-Semitic comments.

18. Strange or forged letters or documents or emails sent to you or your family or job making strange accusations or trying to harm or upset you or your family or job.

19.  Having "memes" created using your name or photo.

20. Having derogatory or mean or obscene photos created "about" you.

21. Having unknown people post derogatory or defamatory posts or emails about you, your work, your job, or your sex life.

22. Having people use a big "news" type account to post harassment at you or about you.

23.  Having "sock puppets" harass you.

24.  People using sock puppets, malware, or bots to harass you.  Getting multiple matching tweets from different accounts.  Having an automated series of tweets aimed at you.  Having bots trying to become your twitter follower.  Having malware deposited onto your Twitter account so it malfunctions.  The RL has done all of these.

25. Having people you don't know suddenly appearing to harass you.

26. Having people create "impostor" Twitter or Facebook accounts using your name, a similar name, your photo, etc.  Having other people posting as if they are you.

27. Having people using  your name on their Twitter or Facebook account.

28. Having people post videos using your name, your voice, your video footage, your pictures, or in any way mentioning you to harass you.

29. Having people post that you should commit suicide, that you should drink bleach, or posting your name in any such taunts.  Having people post mocking things about the dead, about suicide victims, about victims of massacres, about the families of such people, or any other such mocking or taunts against grieving people.

30. Having anyone posting your nude, sexy, or partly clothed or any such photo without your permission.

31. Having anyone creating an obscene or dirty picture using a photo of you.

32. Having anyone include your name in a tweet or posting where there is no good reason to include you or where you don't want to be included.

33. Having people make strange accusations via Twitter or email, such as accusing you of being racist, or being "transphobic" or other such things.  These accusations may be made by people who have never met you and/or with whom you have not even had any dealings!  The accuser will likely try to stir up a mob of hate against you.  This is a well-known tactic used by several members of the Rustle League.

34. Having anyone posting anything "dirty" or nasty about you or your sexuality or asking for photos or posting such offensive things as "Tits or GTFO."  Receiving strange, repeat sexual tweets or emails.

35. Any inappropriate or unwanted sexual comments or invitations.

36. Having anyone try to blackmail or extort you by saying or threatening or implying they will post photos or other things about you if you do not do something.

37. Being stalked or followed about online or off.

38. Threatening, bizarre or abusive phone calls or phone messages.

39. Attempts to or hacking of your accounts -- Skype, Twitter, email, etc.  Flooding your email with spam.  Attempts to DDOS your sites.  Threats to do any of these acts.

40. Attempts to or making purchases on your online or other accounts.

41. People posting lies trying to tie you to crimes, murders, etc.

42. Hearing from family members or friends that they received a strange, threatening, or accusatory email about you or about them.

43. Being followed, either in real life or around on the internet.

44. Finding strange objects just outside your home.

45. Repeat phone calls with no messsage, often tied to your presence on Twitter.  (Someone trying to place your location at a given time.)

46. Receiving death threats of any kind.  Death threats posted online.

47. Receiving bomb threats.  

48.  Being swatted -- that is, having the police falsely called and told there is an emergency at your house.   This is extremely dangerous and can cause injuries or death.

49. ANYTHING ELSE that seems threatening, weird, annoying that seems to be coming from the Rustle League members, followers, or imitators.

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