Update on Barrett Brown - November 8

 Update on Barrett Brown - November 8, 2012
by Sue Basko

There was a court order stating that any motions in USA vs. Barrett Brown had to be filed by November 7, 2012.  However, that date has been pushed back, as Barrett is still receiving medical care.

It has been mentioned by others that Barrett is receiving high quality medical care from a very caring, good person.  It has also been mentioned that he is making friends, running a role-playing game with other inmates, practicing Tai Chi, reading a good book, and has said this prison is like being in a monastery.  And -- Barrett says he will write a book.

When the time comes to file the motions, such motions that could conceivably be filed might be a Motion to Dismiss the Indictment.  Such a motion states that even if the facts stated in the indictment were true, that one or more counts in the indictment do not meet the elements of that crime that are listed in the federal criminal statute.  From an observing lawyer viewpoint, to me it looks as if all 3 counts could potentially be open to such motions.  This is because things such as "conspiracy," "threat," and "retaliation" are subject to much legal interpretation.  We shall see what is filed when that time comes. 

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