Is Fawkes Security Bomb Threat Guy a Victim?

Is the Fawkes Security Bomb Threat Guy a Victim?
by Sue Basko 

Please look at these two videos.  The top video has been widely copied and distributed.  It is Anon message to the Zetas.  IS THE BOMB THREAT VIDEO THE SAME VIDEO BUT WITH BOMB THREAT WORDS DUBBED IN?   WATCH THE TWO BELOW AND SEE.

It appears that the bomb threat video is the same Anon video used in the message to Zetas, but with other words dubbed in.  (Note: The Anon Zeta video has been posted many times to Youtube under many accounts and in various languages.)

Youtube finally removed this video, so it can no longer be seen here. 

The person or people who run the @FawkesSecurity twitter have stated support for the video.  Therefore we can assume they are the ones that dubbed the threatening words onto the old video.

But what is Fawkes Security?   The Fawkes Security Closed Facebook group has 3,000+ members.  Do they all promote violence?  Do they all agree with the bomb threat video?  Or what is going on? (I doubt they all approve of this, that is so unlikely.)

And how is the prostitution Facebook linked?      The phone numbers given by the photos of the girls are listed in phone number complaint websites.  Click on each number to link to the complaint/ info pages:   (646 480 6908) (773 572 9143) (323 015 0582)

 Many say they have been tagged in the photos or friended by the prostitution Facebook.  One comment says the number belongs to a man who is  a registered pedophile.   Are the girls in the photos being held captive someplace?  Are any of them missing or kidnapped?  Some of them look very young.  And why are many Anons the "friends" of this page?

 Is the prostitution facebook connected to the Fawkes Security Facebook?   "Jodie Rushforth" is listed as the Administrator of the Fawkes Security Facebook.   Who is Jodie Rushforth and why is she fronting a group that has posted a bomb threat video?  Is she a real person?  Who is she and why is she running a group that is fronting violence and bomb threats?

AND is Fawkes Security a front for the Zetas Cartel? Or why did they steal the video where Anons complain about the Zetas and dub in a bomb threat?  

 WHO MADE THE BOMB THREAT VIDEO?  All they had to do was dub in a voice.  It was uploaded to the Fawkes Security Youtube account. WHO runs that account?

AND IS THERE A BOMB? If adults are so twisted as to make a bomb threat video in the name of Anonymous, it seems likely they are twisted enough to plant a bomb.

The video below shows a man saying Zetas Cartel has kidnapped Anons and forced them to hack money for them. This is the only video on his account. The video below was published May 1, 2012.  MY QUESTION:  Is Fawkes Security fronting for the Zetas? Or why are they posting bomb threats?  And why are they using an old Anon video to post a bomb threat?  And where is Angel Zumba? And where is the man who is in the video below?  He has not posted a follow-up video.

The video below, from April 2012, says Zetas are hunting Anons.